Snakes In The City

Saturday 12.00pm

Snakes In The City © Anthony Purnell Pure Photographic Studio
Snakes In The City


  1. Saturday 3 June at 12.00pm

    Humongosaur (Season 5)

  2. Saturday 3 June at 01.00pm

    Tunnel Of Doom (Season 5)

  3. Sunday 4 June at 12.00pm

    Hiss The Night (Season 5)


The tropical city of Durban has beaches, babes and hundreds of venomous snakes. Simon Keys is not your usual snake handler. After growing up in the hard streets of London, he didn't have to deal with much wildlife, but now that he lives in South Africa - things have changed. His job is to hunt down the world's most dangerous snakes, but they're not in the wild - they are in his city.


  • New Blood


    New Blood: When a mechanic spots an enormous black mamba disappear into a scrap heap, Simon and Sioux put their new apprentice to the test. U. (S8, ep 1)

  • Ten Foot Mamba


    Ten Foot Mamba: Simon takes on a big green mamba, Sioux meets an angry monitor lizard and their apprentice gets a fright when a black mamba turns on her. U. (S8, ep 2)

  • Cobras To Crocs


    Cobras To Crocs: After a hair-raising rescue of a super-fast black mamba, the team gets a call from a wildlife rescue expert with a troublesome croc on his hands. U. (S8, ep 3)

  • Mamba Nightmare


    Mamba Nightmare: A deadly black mamba is on the loose inside an orphanage and a huge python terrorises a local goat farmer. U. (S8, ep 4)

  • Mamba Madness


    Mamba Madness: The team takes two deadly black mamba calls. Sioux and Mbali catch three snakes in one go, while Simon bails a wolf snake out of the police station. U. (S8, ep 5)

  • Last Bite, The


    The Last Bite: Will Simon's apprentice earn her snake-catching stripes? First, she must catch a venomous Boomslang and then assist Sioux with a feisty black mamba. U. (S8, ep 6)