South America's Curious...

Sunday 04.00pm

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South America's Curious...


  1. Sunday 10 March at 04.00pm

    Curious Characters (Extra)

  2. Thursday 28 March at 02.00pm

    Wild Mutants (Season 1)


South America's Weirdest Animals dives into the depths of the South American wild to investigate the cast of misfits, the oddities, the weird, the eccentric and the truly bizarre. The landscape here is truly one of a kind. So, the animals have evolved accordingly. In the South American wild, strange problems gave rise to even stranger solutions.


  • Wild Mutants


    South America: the world's fourth largest continent is also one of the most diverse. To survive in the challenging landscape, nature has turned its back on convention. Freaks have inherited this land.

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  • Land Of Giants & Pygmies


    Land of Giants and Pygmies: Discover how animals in the wilds of South America have adapted, growing large or small to maximise their chances of survival in a world of extremes. (S1, ep 2)

  • Predator Battleground


    Predator Battleground: Survival in South America is never assured. From killer dolphins to the largest cat in the Americas, this vast continent is a lethal battleground. (S1, ep 3)