Tiger Man

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Tiger Man


At his Tiger Canyons Reserve in South Africa, big cat expert and filmmaker John Varty has launched what many believe is an impossible mission - to create a new population of wild tigers. Varty's remarkable "front line" footage, along with his engaging and thoughtful commentary, reveal the tiger world as never before. Learn more about this amazing species.


Season 1
  • The Mating Game


    The Mating Game: With the tiger close to extinction, John Varty attempts an impossible dream - to breed a new population of wild tigers outside of their natural habitat. (1 of 3)

  • Baby Steps


    Baby Steps: John discovers that a cub's life can be cut cruelly short. When danger strikes the tigers again, he must decide whether to save them or let nature take its course. (2 of 3)

  • Growing Pains


    Growing Pains: Julie gives birth to five cubs, but JV is on tenterhooks as his project's future hangs on her not abandoning her litter again. (3 of 3)