Wild South Africa

Sunday 18 June 11.00am

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Wild South Africa


  1. Sunday 18 June at 11.00am

    Land Of The Giants


Nowhere else can you find heat and cold, desert and tropics, Africa and the Antarctic altogether in a single country: South Africa - as diverse as an entire continent! But why do cold-loving penguins live next to desert-loving ostriches? Why do surfing sea snails and live-bearing chameleons survive here just as well? South Africa is a land of distinctive geographical features and climatic extremes, which ensure an exotic natural world always full of surprises. South Africa's wildlife is exposed to a constant change of living conditions. On the west coast, sea bears have become specialized in hunting young cape gannets. Further south are giant crocodiles; lions, wild dogs and elephants live inland.


Season 1
  • Clash Of Currents


    Clash of Currents: Explore South Africa's Cape region where the habitats of Africa and Antarctica collide. The Cape Peninsula marks the point where two ocean currents merge. (S1, ep 1)

  • Land Of The Giants


    Land of the Giants: The eastern part of South Africa: it is an area located between sub-tropical forests and dense grasslands, and the big names of the animal kingdom. (S1, ep 2)

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  • Killers Of The Kalahari


    Killers Of The Kalahari: In the Kalahari region of South Africa, the documentary examines how the cheetah survives in a wilderness. (S1, ep 3)