World's Deadliest

Sunday 5 May 02.00pm

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World's Deadliest


  1. Sunday 5 May at 02.00pm

    Fangs (Season 1)

  2. Sunday 5 May at 03.00pm

    Underwater Killers (Season 1)

  3. Sunday 12 May at 02.00pm

    Eight Legged Killers (Season 1)


World's Deadliest examines the most riveting moments of animal predation. Comparing behavioral skills of fighting, survival on land versus water, learned/intuitive hunting skills, and 'most deadly' animals, these four action-packed episodes break down the struggle for survival and supremacy.


  • Predator Paradise


    Predator Paradise: Golden sands and crystalline water may sound idyllic, but don't be fooled, there's a dark side as the various residents fight for their survival.

  • Born To Kill


    Born to Kill: In a world where only the strong survive, these babies come out swinging. Some learn how to hunt from their parents, while others are deadly from the day they are born.

  • War Of The Worlds


    War of the Worlds: The disputed borders between land and water come in different forms, meaning prey must watch for attacks from every direction.

  • When Prey Attacks


    When Prey Attacks: Our planet's mightiest predators don't always get their own way - indeed, the tables can be turned when the underdog fights back.