World's Deadliest Animals

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World's Deadliest Animals


  1. Saturday 27 April at 06.00pm

    Australia (Season 1)

  2. Sunday 28 April at 07.00pm

    North America (Season 1)


Were about to search six stunningly visual Hotspots for their most dangerous animals each spots Deadly Dozen. Well look high into the aeries and cliffs of rugged mountains and well plunge deep into the sea. Well swing from fragile tree branches and lift up massive boulders, because in each place, the quarry we seek has adapted to its environment with unparalleled ease. The Deadly Dozen must be approached with care, but theyre not really interested in us. In fact, these creatures can be extremely hard to find, and sometimes nearly impossible to recognize. They are the perfect predators and the champions of masquerade.


  • Forests


    Hiding in dense underbrush and high in the forest canopy, these forest creatures fight to survive in a treacherous, forbidding environment.

  • Desert To Grassland


    Explore the deadly dozen that dwell in deserts and grasslands, including tiny six-eyed African sand spiders and the toxic zebra snake.

  • Urban Jungle


    Can wild creatures thrive in the heart of a city? Meet the arachnids, mammals and reptiles that have learned to prosper in a man's world.

  • The Deep


    Dive into the underwater worlds of the venomous creatures and powerful carnivores that rule the planet's oceans.