• Congo Monster Legend show

      Congo Monster Legend

      Could there be a dinosaur-like creature in the swamps of the Congo? Pat Spain heads to Africa to find out.

    • Mokele-Mbembe Witness show

      Mokele-Mbembe Witness

      Pat talks to a village elder in Langoue to hear about his experiences with Mokele-Mbembe.

    • Encounter show


      Pat talks with a local man about his experience with Mokele-Mbembe.

    • Pat Sets a Trap show

      Pat Sets a Trap

      Pat looks for the best place to set a camera trap in hopes of capturing a picture of the creature.

    • Rustles in the Night show

      Rustles in the Night

      Pat heads out with his thermal imaging camera to find out what goes bump in the night.

    • Caught on Camera show

      Caught on Camera

      Several creatures are caught on camera but was Pat able to get a picture of the Mongolian Death Worm?