• Islamic School show

      Islamic School

      Join Diego as he goes behind the scenes at an Islamic school, where students learn the Koran by heart.

    • S&M Factory show

      S&M Factory

      Diego visits a factory where they make S&M gear for the Western market, including a ‘dog’ hood.

    • Karachi Beaches show

      Karachi Beaches

      Diego checks out miles upon miles of Karachi’s beaches and discovers where Pakistan’s young people go to party.

    • Hyderbad Slave Farmers show

      Hyderbad Slave Farmers

      Diego Buñuel visits Hyderabad where 1.5 million farmers live in bonded slavery. Meet two men who are battling to make a...

    • Beauty Salon show

      Beauty Salon

      Diego Buñuel meets the owner of Pakistan’s largest chain of beauty salons, uniquely staffed by women who have all been...

    • Female Swimmng Team show

      Female Swimmng Team

      Diego Buñuel meets the Pakistan female swimming team as they prepare for the Beijing Olympics.

    • Remote Mountains show

      Remote Mountains

      Diego Buñuel is in the remote mountains of Pakistan. Take in the spectacular scenery of this once popular tourist destination...

    • India and Pakistan Border show

      India and Pakistan Border

      Diego Buñuel is on the border between India and Pakistan. Check out the unique border ceremony that takes place every evening...

    • Slave Farmers show

      Slave Farmers

      Diego Buñuel meets farmers with nowhere to go, who are forced to work in bonded slavery.