We recount the struggle for survival of an African lioness, a great white shark, and a polar bear.

This four-part series offers an intimate and powerful experience, looking at some of the planet’s most fearsome animals in their own unique neighbourhoods. Narrated by critically acclaimed actor Alec Baldwin, this series reveals the dramatic stories of an African lioness, a great white shark, a polar bear and an Alaskan brown bear, and their gripping struggle for survival.


  • Planet Carnivore: Icebear
    In Norway's brief spring, polar bear Binne races to double her weight before the arctic weather returns.
  • Planet Carnivore: Great White Shark
    Dive into the waters of South Africa's False Bay and follow a great white shark called Haai as she searches for food over a five-week period.
  • Planet Carnivore: Lion
    Deep inside a volcanic crater in East Africa, lioness Malkia has reigned supreme for 16 years. Now though, her status is under threat as inbreeding and fierce rivalry threaten to tear the pride apart.
  • Planet Carnivore: King Bear
    For the bears of Katmai National Park, spring marks the end of hibernation and the beginning of the annual contest for food and mating rites.