Florida has long been a prime destination for tourists from all over the world but now the Sunshine State is under attack from a less-welcome foreign visitor - thousands of Burmese pythons. But how did these serpents get there and, more importantly, how can they be stopped? Now, a crack team of snake experts have been given the job of finding out. In the premiere of Python Hunters, join Shawn Heflick, Greg Graziani and Michael Cole as they patrol the sprawling Everglades, searching for these out-of-control snake invaders. Together, they're treading uncharted territory as they try to find out how to bring Florida's unprecedented python population slithering to a halt. With the highly adaptable snakes having made the Sunshine State their home, can the team find a way to stop this python baby boom before its too late?


  • Python Hunters: The Perfect Storm
    Snake experts Shawn Heflick, Greg Graziani and Michael Cole tackle the debate over how Burmese pythons came to be established in the Everglades.
  • Python Hunters: Death By Viper
    Cold winters have been keeping Florida's Burmese python population in check, so the hunters head off to tackle Costa Rica's deadliest snakes.
  • Python Hunters: The Big Freeze
    As a cold snap grips Florida, could Mother Nature have helped the snake men in their attempt to eradicate the Burmese python from the Everglades?
  • Python Hunters: Amazon Anaconda
    The team go off-road in Peru, searching for the mighty green anaconda – and meet a massive bushmaster viper on the way.
  • Python Hunters: Everglades Under Siege
    Shawn Heflick, Greg Graziani and Michael Cole continue on their single-minded mission to eradicate Burmese pythons from the Sunshine State.
  • Python Hunters: Stalking The Anaconda
    After tracking down the green anaconda, the hunters seek out another rare species – the black caiman, which can grow to 20 feet long.
  • Python Hunters: Rattlesnake Roundup
    Back home, the team seek one of Florida's most abundant rattlesnakes. They collect a bucket full of the tiny but aggressive dusky pygmy.
  • Python Hunters: Lizards Of Oz
    On a road trip across Australia, the guys try to outwit a speedy Australian sand monitor, and find a dangerous king brown snake.
  • Python Hunters: Deadly Down Under
    At the northern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, the guys try to catch sea snakes and the deadly box jellyfish, which can only be caught by hand.
  • Python Hunters: Cane Toad Madness
    The hunters meet Bob Irwin, father of late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, and witness the devastation wrought by invasive amphibians.
  • Python Hunters: Snake-Infested Island
    The hunters visit Guam, a Pacific island overrun with invasive species including brown tree snakes and the coconut rhinoceros beetle.
  • Python Hunters: Cobras In The City
    Faced with a huge flood in Bangkok, Thailand, the hunters search for stowaway vipers, and catch giant lizards downtown.
  • Python Hunters: Bangkok Beasts
    In flood-ravaged Thailand, the team dig for deadly cobras, wrestle a mammoth crocodile, and seek a Burmese python in its native habitat.