Air Crash Investigation

Thursday 20:00 CAT


Season 22

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    Lapse In Security (Season 3)

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    Lapse In Security (Season 3)


'Air Crash Investigation 22 / May Day series 23' investigates legendary aviation disasters to find out what went wrong and why.



  • Deadly Exchange


    Corporate Airlines 5966 crashes mysteriously in Missouri, but investigators uncover a conversation in the cockpit that set the tone for disaster.

  • Mixed Signals


    Careening into a mountaintop just minutes from the runway, an American charter flight becomes the worst aviation disaster in Portuguese history.

  • Pressure Point


    Slamming into a mountain, Japan Airlines 123 becomes the deadliest single aircraft accident in history, and threatens to ground 747s worldwide.

  • Power Play


    After losing both engines, a turboprop crashes in Papua New Guinea and investigators soon uncover a deadly flaw in an aircraft used around the world.

  • Control Catastrophe


    A Kazakh crew manage to land an uncontrollable aircraft and investigators must determine how a freshly-serviced plane was released with a fatal flaw.

  • Cockpit Catastrophe


    When the cockpit window of Sichuan Airlines 8633 explodes, the crew somehow battles gale-force winds and oxygen deprivation to safely land the plane.

  • Dream Flight Disaster


    When a UK billionaire and his family die in an Australian seaplane crash, investigators uncover a minor maintenance issue with deadly consequences.

  • Deadly Deception


    The plan to save a Bulgarian airliner hinges on convincing the violent hijackers that their demands have been met before the plane runs out of fuel.

  • Delivery to Disaster


    An Amazon cargo plane nosedives into a swamp outside Houston, the evidence eventually leads investigators to a pilot with a long history of failures.

  • Mystery Over the Mediterranean


    Evidence from the disappearance of EgyptAir Flight 804 leads investigators to theorize different causes for the plane’s spiral into the Mediterranean.