Airport Security: Colombia


Season 1


In Season 2.5 of Airport Security: Colombia, National Geographic returns to Colombia's busiest airport to follow the men and women in charge of stopping drugs and illegal immigration.
The new season will be comprised of English-language reversions of the last three episodes from Alerta Aeropuerto Season 2 and the three Lo Mejor de Alerta Aeropuerto compilations produced by GPS for Latin America.


  • Seduced on the Web


    The Anti-Narcotics police at El Dorado International Airport arrest a man who claims he was scammed when found with a briefcase full of cocaine.

  • Airport Security Colombia 2.5, 1


    Its a new season at Colombia's El Dorado Airport and the anti-narcotics police continue their relentless fight against drug smugglers. In the case of two suspicious siblings, officers must find a way to break their code of silence. An intoxicated man takes police on a wild goose chase. Officers must determine if a man found with cocaine in his luggage has been tricked. And a shipment of plants bound for Mexico is suspiciously heavy.

  • Criminal Scale


    At El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, the Anti-Narcotics Squad carries out a daunting task - inspecting the baggage of some 400 flights.

  • Airport Security Colombia 2.5, 2


    On this episode the anti-narcotics squad at Colombia's El Dorado International Airport returns to ensure airport security and to stop drug traffickers from taking drugs out of the country. Smugglers come up with new tricks and devices to carry their product out of Colombia in different bags, and with an average of 3,000 people leaving the country every hour, the men and woman who work at El Dorado must be vigilant and prepared.

  • Double Risk


    The Anti-Narcotics police at El Dorado International Airport frustrate the plan of a bogus married couple smuggling several kilos of cocaine.

  • Airport Security Colombia 2.5, 3


    A new season of Airport Security Colombia and things are busy for the Anti-Narcotics Police as they try to stop their country's most infamous export; cocaine. The task is not easy, and in this episode, they must figure out if a man is smuggling drugs inside hair products. The drama never stops when smugglers risks their life injesting capsules filled with drugs like in the heart-breaking story of a mother who would risk it all for her kids.

  • Airport Security Colombia 2.5, 4


    El Dorado is Colombia's biggest airport and in this best-of compilation, we go side by side with the anti-narcotics police as it battles the drug cartels. Like in the story of an HIV-positive man who carries drugs inside his body, putting his health at risk, or an older Spaniard who was seduced through social media and tricked in to transporting drugs despite being diabetic, showing us that criminals will stop at nothing to move their product.

  • False Innocence


    In this episode, the Anti-Narcotics division at El Dorado Airport capture a passenger who tries to smuggle almost nine kilos of cocaine to Paris.

  • Suspicious Couples


    The Anti-Narcotics Squad detains two China-bound women carrying three laptops that are not what they seem.

  • Airport Security Colombia 2.5, 5


    The best stories from El Dorado, Colombia's biggest airport, where law enforcement must stay on top to fight the criminal organizations who use the most diverse methods to move their product like hiding drugs in wine and shampoo. The full scope of the human drama comes to life when a man confesses that he is trying to pay debts after his children died, and a woman asks her mother for forgiveness ina heart-wrenching telephone call.

  • Airport Security Colombia 2.5, 6


    A "Best Of" the security team from Colombia's El Dorado airport. A young Spaniard in is found with 6 kilos of cocaine. An Ecuadorian couple is surprised to find cocaine in their luggage. Six months later, the husband has a chance at freedom. Two oddly-paired couples are suspected of ingesting capsules of drugs. Officers discover cocaine in bottles of baby powder. A Mexican national insists he isn't carrying but X-ray images say otherwise.

  • Concealed Drugs


    The Anti-Narcotics Squad manages to foil the surprising plan of one passenger, who tries to switch his already checked bag for another one.

  • Airport Security Colombia 2.5, 7 (DO NOT USE)