Apollo 8: The Mission That Changed The World




At 6:31am, on Saturday 21 December 1968, the world held its breath as NASA launched the first-ever manned mission to the moon. As astronauts William Anders, Frank Borman and Jim Lovell blasted into space, our own planet was in chaos. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy had been assassinated, the Vietnam War had worsened dramatically, civil and student conflict was spreading throughout America and Soviet tanks had crushed the Prague Spring. What's more, NASA, fearful of losing the space race to the Russians, were risking everything on Apollo 8 - a suddent and controversial mission to the Moon. For the first time ever, humands journeyed to another world, but amazingly what they actually discovered was the Earth. The mission captured the first-ever colour photograph of our planet form space to reshape how we viewed ourselves and unite manking like never before. Featuring a new and exclusive interview with Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders, who took the historic Earthrise photograph, this stunning, archive-driven documentary tells the incredible story of Apollo 8 and the environmental campaign that followed.