Banged Up Abroad

Friday 22:30 CAT


Season 12

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  1. Friday 24 January at 22:30 CAT

    Hooked In Havana (Season 4)

  2. Saturday 25 January at 22:20 CAT

    Kidnapped In Iraq (Season 4)

  3. Monday 27 January at 22:35 CAT

    Busted And Pregnant (Season 4)


The smash hit series Locked Up Abroad returns, with more incredible stories of kidnap, contraband and incarceration. The new season kicks off with a special premiere revealing the true story behind the movie 'The Devil's Double'. Latif Yahia was an ordinary Iraqi citizen until he was forced to become the body double for Saddam Hussein's eldest son. He survived forcible plastic surgery, imprisonment and numerous assassination attempts, before finally escaping the country. Later mind blowing episodes include Erik Aude, a Hollywood actor who was banged up in Pakistan for opium smuggling; Stephen Comiskey, arrested in Saudi Arabia for being gay; truck driver Thomas Hamil who was kidnapped by Islamist insurgents; and Lucy Wright, a British nurse who went on the run after being busted in Argentina.



  • Thai Meth Bust


    Jimmy is a postman from Watford, England and hates his job. But then out of nowhere he is offered redundancy, meaning his dream to run a bar in Thailand can come true. The bar is a hit, but Jimmy quickly starts dealing meth, scaling his operation to sell 200 grams on a regular basis. In a dramatic takedown Jimmy is busted and sent straight to prison. Inside, violence is never far away and he has to do everything to survive, even losing three teeth in a prison fight. Jimmy serves four years and one month in prison. He is released in 2014.

  • Greek Border Bust


    Californians David and his friend Tom start smuggling suitcases of marijuana to Hawaii in 1969. Flush with cash they quickly graduate to a much grander scheme: smuggling 110 pounds of hash from Afghanistan to Germany in a Land Rover. Everything is going according to plan until they reach the Greek border, where the guards drill into the bottom of the truck and the hashish pours out. Sentenced to 20 years they are imprisoned on an island fortress. After a torrid 4 years and one failed escape attempt on a motorcycle, David and Tom plot and executes a daring escape via boat, fleeing across Europe and back to the US.

  • Caribbean Coke King


    Michael Singh loses his job in recruitment and gets a divorce. He falls deep into depression until Andre, an old acquaintance, offers him a job smuggling cocaine. Michael builds a solid friendship with Andre and regaining a sense of purpose in his life. But when Michael takes on a bigger job as a favour for Andre, he is caught smuggling cocaine, and sentenced to 10 years in a Dominican prison.

  • Mexican Cartel Hell


    Texan Carlos Quijas is a happy, family man, whose girlfriend Anna is expecting their first child. But in Mexico his life is changed forever when he's falsely imprisoned and tortured for drug smuggling. Inside Mexico's most dangerous prison, he must transform from a law-abiding citizen into a prison gangster. As he is drawn further into the violent world of the criminal cartels, has he crushed his kind, loving side and turned from Jekyll into Hyde?

  • Narco Wine Bust


    Champion skier Nick Brewer flees home and begins selling pills in the South of France. As he works his way up the ranks of a dark Mediterranean underworld, he's posted to Argentina for the job of his life. When it all goes wrong, he and his partner hatch an ingenious plan to smuggle 330 kilos of cocaine to Europe. It isn't long before they become kingpins of a multi-million dollar cocaine empire. But it soon comes crumbling down around them.

  • Bangkok Betrayal


    Nineteen-year-old Latasha Madson, a dancer from Los Angeles, gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to dance in a club in Thailand. While there she falls in love with a man named Phillip, but the relationship turns into her worst nightmare. Caught with a stash of Phillip's heroin she is sent to Thailand's notorious 'Bangkok Hilton" prison. Latasha gives birth in prison, and serves eight years for a crime she didn't commit.

  • Jungle Crash


    Keith Stansell is flying over the Colombian jungle on a US Government mission to locate hidden drug labs. Without warning, the plane's engine shuts down and the team are forced to crash-land. Keith and his crew are quickly surrounded by heavily armed FARC guerrillas. Two of the team are executed and Keith is taken hostage. For the next five and a half years, Keith endures back-breaking starvation marches, forced isolation, and torture.

  • Panamania


    Canadian 21-year-old Christina Jocko is addicted to spending money, partying and taking drugs. But when she discovers opiates her life spirals into addiction. Out of work, out of money and out of luck - an offer of an easy $10,000 for running cocaine from Panama looks like a way out. But little does she realise the tempting adventure will cost her five years of her life.

  • Indian Hash Bust


    Australian hippy, Mark O'Brien is dissatisfied with life. He joins an ashram in India, lead by the infamous guru Osho, looking for enlightenment. But when a fellow disciple encourages Mark to join her in a plan to smuggle an exotic form of hash to Amsterdam, it sets of a chain of events that leads him to a very different commune; the notorious Yawanda Central Prison.

  • Peruvian Parent Trap


    Texan cousins Paris and Marlon always fancied themselves as entrepreneurs. When Paris' dad offers them the opportunity to run a car wash in Lima, Peru, they jump at the chance. But Peru has a dark side and the boys have no idea their ambitions to make money are leading them into grave personal danger. Ahead of them lies incarceration, attempted murder and the ultimate family betrayal.