Building Impossible with Daniel Ashville




Building Impossible with Daniel Ashville is a brand-new engineering show with an edge – and on the edge. We journey across the globe to take on the ultimate engineering challenges. These are the world’s most extraordinary and precarious builds, unlike anything you’ve seen before - taking hard work, science, technology, and human ingenuity to new heights.


Season 1
  • Mega Airship


    Daniel visits a massive hangar in Silicon Valley, where he’ll help prep an astonishing new airship for lift-off.

  • Alpine Mega Tunnel


    On the border of Austria and Italy, Daniel blasts, shores, and bores a tunnel through the Alps.

  • La Mega Stadium


    In a city that lives for competition, Daniel helps build and install the new Clippers basketball stadium’s roof trusses.

  • Las Vegas Mega Sphere


    In Las Vegas, Daniel climbs a massive globe to install cutting-edge LED screens both inside – and outside the orb.

  • Africa's Mega Bridge


    Daniel helps build one of the longest cable stayed bridges in Africa over the magnificent Msikaba Gorge.