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Season 7

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Making motoring dreams come true for a seventh season award winning Car SOS is back, and this time it’s bigger and better than ever . Everyone’s favourite petrol heads Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw continue their mission to seek out classic cars with deserving owners. Using all their guile and restoration knowledge their aim is to sneak away clapped out classics without their owners knowing then in a blizzard of grease and grime and hard graft get the much loved motors back where they deserve to be, on the road .In this series the boys take on their biggest challenges ever. Chronic rust, hard to find parts and broken engines test the boys to their limits. Car ranging across seven decades from a 1930’s family saloon to a 1970s Italian supercar , from an iconic French best seller to a very rare British rally winner, and , for their lucky owners the surprise they will never forget.



  • Lotus Elise


    Tim and Fuzz take on the restoration of a lightweight British pocket rocket , a 1997 Lotus Elise. The car's owner, 44 year old former print manager Sarah, had been planning to get the car back on the road with the help of her dad Phil until double tragedy struck - he fell victim to incurable bowel cancer then sadly Sarah herself was also diagnosed with cancer. The car's restoration was put on hold. Mother Jenny wrote in to Car SOS hoping to bring back her daughter's much needed smile.

  • Peugeot 504


    Tim and Fuzz have taken on a 1972 Peugeot 504 cabriolet - a rare French grand tourer that is considered by many to be the most beautifully designed car that Peugeot ever produced. The car belongs to former NHS dentist Barry who bought it back in the 1980s . He had planned to restore his much loved motor back to its former glory but when family issues and ill health got in the way his Peugeot dream came to an end. His family put in a call to Car SOS hoping that Tim and Fuzz could help say a big thank you to this pillar of the local community.

  • Triumph Tr4


    Tim and Fuzz take on 63 year old Kel's 1962 Triumph TR4. Kel bought his beloved British roadster back in the 1970s and it became the car of his youth, he simply couldn't be parted from it - even when it finally gave up the ghost and ended up in storage - it was never far from his thoughts. His planned restoration sadly ground to a halt when a series of family tragedies and a brutal stroke that robbed him of most of his vision - meant that any plans to get his car back on the road were dashed. Tim and Fuzz steal the car away but quickly realise that they've taken on one of the biggest jobs in Car SOS history.

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  • Toyota Celica


    Tim and Fuzz travel to Northern Ireland to take on a 1972 Generation 1 Toyota Celica a rare Japanese coupe that has seen better days. The car's owner is 50 year old Celica obsessive Noel who bought the car with a plan to restore it and use it as his daily driver. However Noel's whole life took a turn for the worse when he suffered a series of spinal injuries that lost him his job, his home and put his dream car restoration on hold for good.

  • Ford Model A


    Tim and Fuzz have travelled to Milton Keynes to try and rescue Craig's 1930 Ford Model A, an historic car with an impressive pedigree. The car's owner is 58 year old former electrician Craig a dyed in the wool classic car lover. He's had his Model A for over 30 years, however after a tragic motor cycle accident any plans for restoration evaporated when his whole world was turned upside down. Once the car hits the Car SOS workshop its wooden coachwork and 90 year old parts prove a big challenge for the team.

  • Talbot Sunbeam Lotus


    Tim and Fuzz are off to Forfar in Scotland to rescue the rusting wreck of a rare Talbot Sunbeam Lotus. The car was the pride and joy of former firefighter, and lifelong rally enthusiast, Jim who had planned to restore it, however a back injury not only forced him to give up his job but also any plans to get his car back on the road. Once the boys get the car back in the workshop they discover they have something very special on their hands as the Talbot turns out to be an ultra-rare factory proto type.

  • VW T4 Campervan


    Tim and Fuzz are off to Kent to try and salvage a 1991 VW T4 Campervan. The vehicle belongs to 42 year old carpenter Jon who bought his mobile home several year ago with the dream of taking his wife travelling around the world. Sadly before Jon's dream came true he was diagnosed with brain cancer, his whole world ground to a halt and his plans to restore and drive his beloved van had to go on hold. Will the Car SOS team be able to help resurrect Jon's dream?

  • Lamborghini Espada


    Tim and Fuzz are off to Derbyshire to rescue a 48 year old Italian supercar: a 1971 Lamborghini Espada. This remarkable car belongs to lifelong petrol head Ged who bought the car in 1977 for $4000 however when it eventually broke down Ged's aim of one day restoring it to its former glory ground to a halt when serious health issues got in the way. Will the boys from Car SOS be able to make Ged's dream come true?

  • Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico


    Tim and Fuzz travel to Jersey in the Channel Islands to take on a 1972 Ford Escort Mexico. Owner Gary has been recovering from a horrific spell of ill health, having been struck down with both blood cancer and tuberculosis, and his family hope that his restored classic will give him a new lease of life. Once the boys get the car back to the workshop they quickly realise that not one single part of the car is salvageable.

  • Citroen 2cv


    Tim and Fuzz travel to Manchester to secretly steal away Stephen's 1983 Citroen 2CV, a quirky French economy car that was once the pride and joy of owner Stephen. When the boys arrive to steal the car away they discover that it has been stripped down to its component parts and looks more like a jigsaw than a car. Owner Stephen has been suffering from stage 4 throat cancer and his family hope that getting his 2CV back on the road will help give him a new lease of life.