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Season 7

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Making motoring dreams come true for an eighth season award winning Car SOS is back, and this time it's bigger and better than ever. Everyone's favourite petrol heads Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw continue their mission to seek out classic cars with deserving owners. Using all their guile and restoration knowledge their aim is to sneak away clapped out classics without their owners knowing then in a blizzard of grease and grime and hard graft get the much loved motors back where they deserve to be, on the road .In this series the boys take on their biggest challenges ever. Chronic rust, hard to find parts and broken engines test the boys to their limits. Car ranging across eight decades from a vintage tourer to a 1990s Japanese supercar, from an iconic German sports coupe to a very rare British rally winner, and, for their lucky owners the surprise they will never forget. There will be tears, there will be laughter on this automotive rollercoaster and one thing that will be guaranteed - there will be some very beautiful cars.



  • Porsche 356


    Tim and Fuzz make their way to East London to take on a 1964 Porsche 356, without a shred of a doubt, the worst car they have ever taken on. In spite of its almost terminal condition underneath allthat rust and rot lies an automotive legend as the 356 was the car that really launched Porsche overnight into the high end sports car market. The car belongs to 67 year old former ambulance driver Trevor who has owned the car since the 1980s. It was the car of his dreams and even though he struggled to afford the ever growing repair bills, when the car ended up stored in a damp garage Trevor could never quite bring himself to let go of the idea he might...

  • Healey 3000


    Tim and Fuzz are off to County Durham to pick up one of the greatest British post war sports cars ever made - a 1961 Austin Healey 3000. The car is owned by former engineer John and it's been in his family since it was new. John had planned to completely restore the car as a retirement project however when he was struck down with Parkinson's disease his classic car dream faded away. 76 year old John decided to invest his life savings having the car restored, however the project was never finished and when the boys get the car back to the Car SOS workshop they discover that John's pride and joy had become a catalogue of botched work and hidden...