Car S.O.S. Compilations

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Car S.O.S. Compilations


It’s time for 4 more compilation episodes from the CAR SOS franchise. Our favorite petrol heads, Tim and Fuzz, are at it again as they share more of their favorite moments from all 9 seasons. We’ll shoot new standups with the boys and get their behind-the-scenes take on: Fuzz’s Favorite Engines/Tech, Ultimate Blags Part 2 – Revenge of the Blagged!, Ultimate Transformations 2, Tim’s Best Demos!


  • Master Crafters


    In this special episode of Car SOS, Tim and Fuzz share some of their favourite clips from past episodes of the expert contributors that have helped them restore 100 classic cars over 10 series. Without talented “Master Crafters” like Welsh Q, Ric Wood, and many other specialists, bringing rusted old relics back to life would be impossible.