Convoy: War For The Atlantic

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Convoy: War For The Atlantic


The story of the Convoys is a tale of compelling drama, full of bravery and tragedy. It takes us into the lives of hundreds of thousands of unheralded men whose incredible everyday courage, played out in the cruel seas and cold skies of the North Atlantic changed the course of the war.
In 4 distinct episodes, we will unpack the critical moments in the biggest naval campaign of the 20th Century. Powerful interviews with those who fought in the battle combined with dramatic archive colour footage will bring the horrors of the Atlantic war to a new generation. This recently acquired colour footage will breathe new life into this crucial piece of history, revealing never before seen moments of drama and the harrowing battles on the high seas of the Atlantic. FROM TREATMENT


Season 1
  • Wolfpack Rising


    In 1940 Britain stands alone in Europe against the might of Nazi Germany. Only the convoys of ships, bringing vital supplies across the Atlantic, keep her from surrendering. But these ships are being ravaged by a deadly enemy the wolf-packs of German U-boat submarines, which are about to bring Britain to the edge of defeat.

  • The Hunt


    In 1941 Britain is locked in a life-or-death struggle against Hitler its survival depends on convoys of ships carrying vital goods across the Atlantic. These are being devastated by German U-boat submarines - but slowly the convoys begin to fight back, using cutting-edge technologies that turn the U-boat hunters into the hunted.

  • Brink Of Defeat


    In 1942 the Battle of the Atlantic rages on. The fate of Britain and the Allied war effort hangs in the balance. Desperate to inflict a crippling blow on Britain's shipping lifeline, Hitler's U-boats are sent to North America in search of easier prey. The success of these attacks will help push the Allies to edge of collapse.

  • Death Blow


    In 1943, there are more German u-boats prowling the North Atlantic than ever before. Unless u-boat threat can be neutralized, it will be impossible for the Allies to deliver the weapons, troops and supplies necessary to mount the biggest campaign of the war: D-Day. To win the Atlantic, Germans and Allies alike enter into a high stakes arms race where new weapons and technologies are deployed to win the Battle of the Atlantic.