Dian Fossey: Secrets In The Mist

National Geographic
Dian Fossey: Secrets In The Mist


Dian Fossey: Secrets in the Mist is a three hour series for National Geographic Channel. The series tells the story of the life, work, murder and legacy of gorilla researcher Dian Fossey.
The series will weave together three story strands. The first is the story of Dian's life and work - her childhood, her early days researching in Congo and her arrival in Rwanda for the 18 years she studied Mountain Gorillas.
The second strand covers Dian's murder in Rwanda and the trial of her American co-worker Wayne McGuire, who was found guilty of her murder. Wayne fled Rwanda before the trial began but was convicted in absentia. He has always maintained his innocence. We intend to reopen the case by reviewing the evidence (if it can be located) and speaking with people who knew and worked with Dian and were involved in investigating the murder.
Finally, we will tell the story of Dian's legacy by filming the Pablo troop of gorillas, which includes the silverback Cantsbee, the most successful gorilla ever known.
The series will use archive footage and still images, interviews with people who knew and worked with Dian, specially shot footage and reconstruction to tell the life story of Dian Fossey and the aftermath of her murder.


Season 1
  • Gorilla Girl


    "At dawn on December 27, 1985, cries of horror cut through the early morning mist on an isolated mountainside in Rwanda. Workers gather outside a corrugated iron cabin. Inside, one of the greatest names in wildlife conservation lies dead, killed in a brutal machete attack. Dian Fossey was world famous, but in the remote cloud forest where she fought to save Mountain Gorillas from extinction, she'd made dangerous enemies."

  • Dark Side of The Mountain


    "Days after the slaughter of Dian Fossey's favourite gorilla, Digit, Sir David Attenborough arrives to find her coughing blood but insisting on taking him to film the gorillas in what becomes one of TV's most famous sequences. But she's outstayed her welcome in Rwanda and has to take a two year break in the USA. There, she writes ""Gorillas in the Mist"" and becomes a celebrity but can't wait to return to Rwanda. When she does, nothing is the way it was."

  • Murder on the Mountain


    "Everyone who knew Dian Fossey was shocked by her brutal murder, but not surprised. She'd made many enemies and long feared for her life. An inept police investigation provided few clues but eventually someone was charged - gorilla researcher Wayne Maguire. He fled the country before being sentenced to death and has lived with the consequences ever since. Did he really kill her, or has he been the victim of a 30 year injustice? And if not him, then who?"