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Drugs Inc.

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Unlimited inside access to the ever changing, shocking and extreme world of Drugs, Inc. Season 5 will tread new ground and will travel from a brewing Mormon drug war in Salt Lake City to the drugs and crime haven of Thailand. From dealers, DEA, addicts and traffickers, to gangsters, pimps and prostitutes Drugs, Inc. leaves no stone unturned.


  • Detroit Halloween


    Halloween in Detroit. Around the notorious 8 Mile Road the street slingers are stocking up and looking for new opportunities downtown. In the suburbs middle class dealers take party drugs into raves. Both groups have to dodge the Border Patrol and the suburban cops. For a frantic forty-eight hours over Devils night - drugs, guns, money, busts, bodies - "Its like the Devil is over Detroit".

  • X-Rated High


    In this new episode, for the first time ever, Drugs Inc delves inside a US business community: the Los Angeles Porn Industry. The porn industry and drugs have a reputation for going hand in hand. But after a number of HIV scares, porn sets in LA are under more scrutiny than ever and its changing the way narcotics on set are tolerated.

  • Hip Hop High


    Hip-hop, a million dollar industry plays up to its links with another billion-dollar industry: drugs. In Oakland California, wannabe rappers BG and Lil Ant use money from dealing cocaine to pay for their studio time. Across the city, established hip-hop duo the Hoodstarz are trying to stay off the cops radar after narrowly avoiding a drug bust.

  • Big Apple Coke


    As trafficking drugs through the Caribbean increases in preference to the land route across the Mexican border, gangs in the Dominican Republic have become a key players in the transhipment of cocaine. With unprecedented access to a Cartel boss network of traffickers, mules, dealers and the customs officers dedicated to stopping them, New York’s Dominican Cocaine Connection exposes every level of the DRs cocaine supply chain to America.

  • Silicon Valley High


    J-Stax deals Mexican cocaine to the programmers of Silicon Valley. A cop crackdown is making life difficult and driving his clients to a locally-produced alternative: meth. But a meth habit is hard to hide. Get caught and you may end up like Michael: jobless, homeless and living in a shanty called the Jungle.

  • Tex Meth


    In Austin, Texas, festivals are big business. Thousands of artists and over a million fans flock to the "live music capital of the world" every year and where there's live music and festivals drugs are never far away. With so many potential customers, it's music to the ears of the local dealers, but competition on the streets is fierce.

  • Pittsburg Smack


    Pittsburgh is flooded with heroin. Ghost is a Pittsburgh heroin kingpin, but the police are making his business harder, and now he has competition from wannabe hustlers.

  • Euro Coke


    In this all-new new episode, for the first time ever, Drugs, Inc heads to Ghana and Nigeria in West Africa, to follow the supply of cocaine from Peru on a new trafficking route to Europe. West Africa is one of the world’s most unstable regions: its porous borders allow free movement of goods and people making the region a drug traffickers dream. But the law busts less than 1%. Most of the rest ends up in the hands of Europe’s cocaine abusers.

  • Heroin Island, NYC


    Cut off from the Big Apple, Staten Island is a slice of suburbia: three times the size of Manhattan and home to just half a million people. But the Island's idyllic way of life is under attack: Every five days, one person overdoses from drugs, fuelled by an opiate storm blowing in from both sides of the island.

  • Aussie Ice Wars


    For the first time ever, Drugs Inc heads to Australia, where locals pay more for their fix than almost anywhere else in the world. With the price of drugs so high, Australians have turned to a cheap and dangerous stimulant, crystal meth. Use of the drug has reached epidemic proportions, feeding the power of the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs that control the trade.

  • Shooting Up Suburbia


    Vancouver's been voted the best place to live in North America. But it has a darker side. In the wealthy suburb of Surrey, two gangs are fighting each other for control of the local cocaine trade. In response, gang enforcement cops swarm the streets nightly to hunt down shooting suspects and stem the escalating tide of violence.

  • The Real Wolves of Wall Street


    The culture of cocaine is deeply entrenched on Wall St and some will pay over the odds for the purest quality available. Dealers compete to deliver first and close the sale. But first they must to evade Lower Manhattan's high security "ring of steel". And that means going in disguise - one looks like a tourist; another swaps hoods and sweats for a suit and tie.

  • Bangkok Ice


    Thailand is in the grip of an addiction epidemic that is spinning out of control as a candy-colored meth pill called yaba overtakes every other drug used in the country. Yaba in Thai means 'crazy medicine' and heavy use of the pill can trigger psychosis. Dealers find every which way to dodge the cops and customs authorities to keep the profits rolling in.

  • Cancun Spring Break


    It's Spring Break and among thousands of US students who head to Cancun, Mexico there are some who have one thing on their mind: to get wasted. Two cartels - Sinaloa and Gulf - monopolize the tourist drug trade. But independent dealers - known as 'hoppers' - are trying to poach their turf. Police meanwhile struggle to hold the line trying to head off the brewing violence and save gringo tourists from the consequences of their own folly.

  • Boston Weed Party


    Thanks to recently relaxed possession laws in Massachusetts, student dealers like Anubis, Kane and Stiffler are ramping up their supplies. To fund their own studies, they are selling an array of narcotics to the booming student population in Boston. But with National Weed day around the corner, the police are also on the look-out.

  • Jailhouse Junkies


    Two jails: one in California, the other in New Jersey. Both have amongst the toughest drug policies in the United States. But still drugs find their way in… In Cali, crystal meth is the jail drug du jour, while in Jersey a deadlier drug rules: heroin. Two different drugs, two different kingpins, two different jails: officers versus inmates in a battle for ultimate control.

  • Grim Reaper (Compilation)


    Grim Reaper sheds light on the dark side of the drug trade. Users fall into the habit of using drugs to fill a void. What they dont realize is that this void often ends in death. From the hit man to the end user, no one is safe. The business of drugs wreaks havoc and lives are lost.

  • Holidaze (Compilation)


    The holidays are a time for celebration and revelry. For some, that means connecting with family and friends. For those in the drug game, its a time of year when business is booming. Holidaze bears witness to the rise in demand for narcotics during Mardi Gras, Spring Break, Independence Day, and New Years Eve.