Drugs Inc.

Friday 22:40 CAT

Drugs Inc.

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  1. Friday 9 June at 22:40 CAT

    Cocaine Crisis (Extra)

  2. Saturday 10 June at 22:40 CAT

    Opioid Epidemic (Extra)

  3. Monday 12 June at 22:40 CAT

    Meth Madness (Extra)


Drugs Inc. 7 will expand the brand to embrace a variety of approaches: more events (a mix of date-specific and generic types of events), more vacations (including some foreign locations, beloved of American visitors), and high society (how the Inc works in supplying specific closed constituencies).


  • Grim Reaper (Compilation)


    Grim Reaper sheds light on the dark side of the drug trade. Users fall into the habit of using drugs to fill a void. The business of drugs wreaks havoc and lives are lost.

  • Holidaze (Compilation)


    Holidaze bears witness to the rise in demand for drugs during Mardi Gras, Spring Break, Independence Day, and New Years Eve.