Egypt With The World's Greatest Explorer




The 'World's Greatest Living Explorer', Sir Ranulph Fiennes, is returning to the scene of one of his earliest feats - his 1968 hovercraft expedition on the River Nile. As the 50th anniversary of that quest approaches he's ready for new adventures, fresh surprises and a novel challenge: can he teach his famous cousin, actor Joseph Fiennes, how to master the role of a lifetime?


Season 1
  • Hidden Treasures


    Sir Ranulph Fiennes & Joseph Fiennes gather at the port of Alexandria where they prep their Land Rovers for the voyage ahead, recreating Sir Ran's first ever expedition along the River Nile. Their journey to Cairo includes a crash course in survival techniques and a visit to see meat eating spiders, highly venomous scorpions and snakes. They spend the night inside the Great Pyramid before reflecting on the first leg of the journey at sunrise.

  • Off The Map


    On the second leg of their journey, Ran and Joe spend a night inside the only surviving Wonder of the Ancient world - the Great Pyramid of Giza. On their way to Luxor their cross the 'no man's land', where few tourists venture? Much like Ran in 1969, they have a ferry to catch across the Nile. In Luxor they learn the ancient martial art called Tahtib. On their way south Ran has another test for Joe - a race across the Eastern Desert to the Red Sea.

  • No Man's Land


    After weeks of adventure Ran and Joe have finally reached the end of their journey, to the south is the border with Sudan. In this episode, Joe skirts the crocodile infested waters of Lake Nasser and tries his hand at sailing a traditional Egyptian Felucca. Finally, Ran and Joe say goodbye to this incredible country and its lifeblood, the River Nile, just as Ran did half a century before.