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Hosted by Phil Keoghan, National Geographic's flagship series Explorer investigates global stories of science, nature and culture. It is the longest-running documentary series on cable and recipient of 52 Emmy Awards, 13 Cable ACE awards, the Genesis and Peabody Awards, and twice nominated for Academy Awards. Newly reformatted as a weekly 1-hour magazine series, episodes air in 171 countries in 45 languages and supported by 440 million viewers.



  • The Mouth of Hell


    Phil Keoghan journeys into Nicaragua's Masaya Volcano. Sal Masekela rides with the Light Riders in Tanzania, who are bringing electricity to remote villages. Mariana van Zeller investigates high-tech breakthroughs in cloning, Gelareh Darabi goes inside the bizarre world of high-end nuclear disaster bunkers.

  • Space Race


    Phil Keoghan journeys to the Atacama Desert to visit Paranal Observatory. Mariana van Zeller heads to California to speak with members of the growing Flat Earth movement, and a group of volunteers trying to debunk their claims. Albert Lin explores a new frontier in human's ambition to travel to Mars - hibernation - and how lemurs can help. Cara Santa Maria explores the world of meteorite trading in Morocco and what it means for space research.

  • Digging Up Dinosaurs


    Phil Keoghan journeys to the Moab Desert to unearth an ancient fossil of the dinosaur known as Dystrophaeus. Tim Samuels investigates declining sperm counts in the Western World. Mariana van Zeller is granted exclusive access to an underground smuggling tunnel in the Gaza Strip. Francesca Fiorentini uncovers the potential medicinal benefits of dirt.

  • Border Battle


    Phil Keoghan journeys to the India/Pakistan border, where an unexpected border ceremony takes place daily. Tim Samuels gets a firsthand look into tensions between humans and an expanding saltwater crocodile population in Australia. Mariana van Zeller investigates wrongly issued Red Notices. Albert Lin learns about communication amongst trees via the "wood wide web."

  • The Boiling River


    Phil Keoghan journeys to Peru to probe the mystery of the Boiling River. Mariana van Zeller investigates the unsolved attack on US Embassy workers in Cuba. Cara Santa Maria explores breakthrough technology for people with missing senses - from a BrainPort that allows the blind to see using their tongues to a vest that uses vibration to simulate hearing. Francesca Fiorentini heads to the Pacific Northwest to find out how snowflakes form into avalanches.

  • In The Eagle's Nest


    Phil Keoghan takes a risky expedition to see eagle chicks on Catalina Island. JJ Kelley heads to Hawaii to see how residents are living off the land by hunting and gathering. Ryan Duffy investigates the scientific community's accidental role in rising peanut allergy rates. Mariana van Zeller learns how genuine samurai swords are made in Japan.

  • Ancient Fighting Arts


    Phil Keoghan journeys to India to try his hand at an ancient form of martial arts. Gelareh Darabi explores new technology helping to detect deadly tornadoes. Ryan Duffy investigates the illegal logging of rosewood trees in Cambodia, and risky plight of environmental journalists bringing attention to the issue. Jago Cooper probes the intelligence of whales, and their ability to mimic humans.

  • Inside The Bear's Den


    Phil Keoghan journeys to Maine with biologists to tag a hibernating mama bear and her cubs. JJ Kelley explores new Nasca lines in Peru. Cara Santa Maria investigates the future of farming in Holland. Gelareh Darabi probes what makes Icelanders so strong and whether it's their Viking ancestry.

  • Yellowstone Wolves


    Host Phil Keoghan heads to Yellowstone National Park in search of their most famous apex predator: the wolf. Sal Masekela travels to Uncertain, Texas, to see the invasive species taking over the local lake. Ryan Duffy heads to Florida to investigate rehabilitation facilities that are said to be putting profits before patients. Mariana van Zeller is shown innovative new technology being used to save whales.

  • Swimming With Sharks


    Phil Keoghan journeys to Mexico to help tag whale sharks in order to save them. JJ Kelley explores the amazing talents and potential of super recognizers. Mariana van Zeller investigates the status of the Fukushima cleanup, and Francesca Fiorentini looks into the history of heart disease in mummies.

  • Human Towers


    Phil Keoghan journeys to Spain to immerse himself in the world of the "castellers," who build human towers. Sal Masakela explores the risks of the cash only marijuana business. Mariana van Zeller investigates growing tension between grizzlies and humans. We examine why the color blue is rare in animals.

  • Lions of Zambia


    Phil Keoghan journeys to Zambia to help tag lions. Francesca Fiorentini investigates the cause of a rash of earthquakes in Oklahoma. Cara Santa Maria explores if we are breeding dogs to death. Ryan Duffy joins Cory Booker as he uncovers environmental racism. Jago Cooper reveals risks to the global chocolate supply and solutions underway to save it.

  • Race Car Science


    Phil Keoghan journeys to North Carolina to see the science behind Nascar racing. Jago Cooper explores a chilling new discovery of human sacrifice. Francesca Fiorentini investigates what DNA tests actually tell you. Tim Samuels reveals a new probiotic made from the human gut.