Terminator Vs Hulk: who will win?



Profiling icons through the point of view of their biggest rivals. Facing Icons will tell its stories in a bold cinematic style, featuring original interviews with those that "faced" history's most successful people, along with journalists, reporters and other members of the media.



Season 1
  • Facing Escobar


    A look at Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria's cocaine empire, featuring those who enabled him, and those who opposed him and lived to tell their tale.

  • Facing Suge Knight


    Discover the man who injected gangsterism into West Coast gangsta rap, with archival footage and interviews with those he fought and fostered.

  • Facing Saddam


    A sobering depiction of the 'Butcher of Baghdad', cast in the hollows of the impressions he left on survivors of both his terror and his love.

  • Facing Trump


    Featuring original interviews interwoven with archival footage, discover previously unseen insights into history's most successful people.

  • Facing Putin


    A closer look at the former KGB man who set out to end the period of history when America stood unchallenged among the nations of the world.

  • Facing Schwarzenegger


    From bodybuilder to blockbuster action star to comedy king to politician, Facing Schwarzenegger explores the greatest immigrant success story of our time; an unabashed look at the life of a man who followed his every dream.

  • Facing Hillary


    She has redefined the role of the First Lady. Moved into hard-scrabble politics as the United States Senator from New York, and then was appointed Secretary of State. She could very well be the most famous woman on the planet. Say the name ‘Hillary,’ and it is she who comes to mind. Hillary Clinton is, by any measure a remarkable American success story. She set her eyes on the most powerful job in the world — and shaped herself into the candidate and persona she needs to be to get there. Love her or hate her, Hilary Clinton has rewritten the book on how one woman blazed a path to power in America.