Season 2


National Geographic’s 10-part global event series GENIUS returns to explore the turbulent life of the 20th century’s most controversial artist, Pablo Picasso (Antonio Banderas). A child prodigy, Picasso was not satisfied imitating the masters. He set out to create his own style and in doing so changed art forever. GENIUS: PICASSO explores the muses, the art, and the complicated man behind the masterpieces.



  • Chapter One


    Pablo Picasso (Antonio Banderas) struggles to bring attention to the rising threat of fascism in Spain. Meanwhile, Young Pablo (Alex Rich) dreams of becoming a great painter. But first he must find his own voice.

  • Chapter Two


    WWII rages, but older Picasso (Antonio Banderas) refuses to leave Paris, straining his relationship with photographer Dora Maar (Samantha Colley). Meanwhile, Young Pablo (Alex Rich) finds quick success on his first trip to Paris by imitating the masters, but he struggles to make something truly original.

  • Chapter Three


    Pablo (Alex Rich) begins his Blue Period after the suicide of his best friend, and meets his first great love, Fernande Olivier (Aisling Franciosi). Meanwhile, older Picasso (Antonio Banderas) starts an affair with another great love, the young artist Francoise Gilot (Clemence Poesy).

  • Chapter Four


    As older Picasso (Antonio Banderas) juggles two love affairs, Young Pablo (Alex Rich) finds inspiration from the legendary poets Apollinaire (Seth Gabel) and Max Jacob (T.R. Knight). He strives to use their ideas to create a masterpiece that will signal his arrival as a great artist.

  • Chapter Five


    Picasso (Antonio Banderas) goes to great lengths to convince Francoise Gilot (Clemence Poesy) to move in with him. Meanwhile, Young Pablo (Alex Rich) struggles to match the genius of Matisse. He finds dark inspiration from his souring relationship with Fernande Olivier (Aisling Franciosi).

  • Chapter Six


    As older Picasso (Antonio Banderas) takes Francoise Gilot (Clemence Poesy) to the South of France for vacation, Younger Pablo (Alex Rich) gives up his partying ways and invents cubism with Georges Braque (Kerr Logan). But his career is threatened when he is accused of stealing the Mona Lisa.

  • Chapter Seven


    In the wake of WWII, older Picasso (Antonio Banderas) joins the Communist Party and struggles to reconcile his art with his political ideals. Haunted by a doomed love affair from his past, he falters in his responsibilities to Francoise Gilot (Clemence Poesy).

  • Chapter Eight


    Yearning for something new, Pablo (Alex Rich) throws himself into designing a ballet. He meets his first wife, the ballerina Olga Khoklova (Sofia Doniants). Meanwhile, older Picasso (Antonio Banderas) struggles to balance the needs of his family with his desire to remain artistically relevant.

  • Chapter Nine


    Francoise Gilot (Clemence Poesy) defies Picasso (Antonio Banderas) and pursues her artistic goals, as Younger Picasso (Alex Rich) finds respite from his strained marriage to Olga (Sofia Doniants) with a new amour fou (mad love). Meanwhile, a young Dora Maar (Samantha Colley) strives to meet Picasso, but he's not at all what she expects.

  • Chapter Ten


    After leaving Picasso, Francoise Gilot (Clemence Poesy) struggles to escape his shadow and make it on her own. Picasso (Antonio Banderas) finds companionship with Jacqueline Roque (Valentina Belle), but secludes himself from the world, determined to paint the perfect painting.