Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted


Season 3


Gordon Ramsay travels the globe discovering the local cultures behind food.



  • Croatia's Coastal Adventure


    In the untouched peninsula of Istria, Croatia, Chef Ramsay dives, fishes and chases farm animals to unearth some world-class culinary gems.

  • Incredible Iceland


    Gordon visits Iceland’s west coast to discover ingredients and cooking techniques that utilize the land of fire and ice’s native volcanic landscape.

  • Portugal's Rugged Coast


    Chef Ramsay braves giant waves, fishes the open ocean and farms the countryside to explore and discover the rugged simplicity of Portuguese cuisine.

  • Finland's Midnight Sun


    Gordon explores the dense woods, freshwater rivers and muddy swamps of Lapland in northern Finland, foraging for an abundance of summer ingredients.

  • The Maine Ingredient


    Chef Ramsay dives, fishes and forages for seafood treasures along the remote coastline of Maine, the ‘lobster capital of the world’.

  • Michigan's Yooper Cuisine


    Chef Ramsay dives amongst shipwrecks, helps a local monk, and hunts in the forest to discover the culinary secrets of the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

  • The Great Smoky Mountains


    Gordon rappels, kayaks, and forages his way through the Smoky Mountains in a hunt for some of the most unique ingredients the region has to offer.

  • Texas Throwdown


    In the wilds of the Lone Star State, Chef Ramsay learns the meaning of Texas Tough.

  • Lush And Wild Puerto Rico


    Gordon explores Puerto Rico in search of incredible, local ingredients as the island reclaims its food supply after Hurricane Maria.

  • Holy Mole Mexico


    Chef Ramsay visits the remote communities surrounding Mexico's culinary capital in Oaxaca in a quest to master their signature dish: mole.