Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted


Season 3


Gordon Ramsay travels the globe discovering the local cultures behind food.



  • Croatia's Coastal Adventure


    In the untouched peninsula of Istria, Croatia, Chef Ramsay dives, fishes and chases farm animals to unearth some world-class culinary gems.

  • Incredible Iceland


    Chef Ramsay explores the land of fire and ice during the Icelandic summer to learn secret cooking techniques utilizing the volcanic landscape. He fishes in a glacial river for wild salmon, and cooks in a geothermal pool before heading north to the sparsely populated Westfjords. After sampling fermented shark and diving for scallops in the freezing fjords, he joins Iceland’s first Michelin rated chef, Ragnar Eiríksson, for a feast in a rainstorm.

  • Portugal's Rugged Coast


    Chef Ramsay braves giant waves, fishes the open ocean and farms the countryside to explore and discover the rugged simplicity of Portuguese cuisine.

  • Finland's Midnight Sun


    Gordon explores the dense woods, freshwater rivers and muddy swamps of Lapland in northern Finland, foraging for an abundance of summer ingredients.

  • The Maine Ingredient


    Chef Ramsay dives, fishes and forages for seafood treasures along the remote coastline of Maine, the ‘lobster capital of the world’.

  • Michigan's Yooper Cuisine


    Chef Ramsay is in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to uncover the region’s culinary gems. He goes spearfishing amongst shipwrecks in Lake Superior, hunts woodcock, and helps a local monk build a fence in exchange for a taste of his legendary thimbleberry jam. But if Gordon can’t get up to speed with the culinary secrets of the UP quickly enough to impress the local Yoopers, he’ll be forever be branded a Troll!

  • The Great Smoky Mountains


    Gordon rappels, kayaks, and forages his way through the Smoky Mountains in a hunt for some of the most unique ingredients the region has to offer.

  • Texas Throwdown


    In the wilds of the Lone Star State, Chef Ramsay learns the meaning of Texas Tough.

  • Lush And Wild Puerto Rico


    Gordon explores Puerto Rico in search of incredible, local ingredients as the island reclaims its food supply after Hurricane Maria.

  • Holy Mole Mexico


    Chef Ramsay visits the remote communities surrounding Mexico's culinary capital in Oaxaca in a quest to master their signature dish: mole.