Highway Thru Hell

Rear View



Building on last season's risky gamble to expand his Heavy Recovery operation from the BC mountains into the frozen Alberta north, Jamie Davis is tackling new highways and facing bigger wrecks than ever before. But at this pivotal moment for Heavy Rescue, there are big changes on Jamie's crew roster -- forcing him to trust his trucks, his reputation and the fate of the highways to new and untested drivers. As Jamie divides his focus between BC and Alberta, we see his brothers stepping up to help in both operations. But the strain of building a new team -- while taking on the most challenging recoveries in Heavy Rescue's history -- pushes Jamie to his breaking point. Eyeing the small, simple operation of his competitor, Al Quiring, Jamie reaches a crossroads. Will he keep expanding his fleet and pushing to serve new territories -- or will he abandon the roads of Alberta and head back home? As his crew fights to keep the traffic moving on six different highways, Jamie has to decide how much fight he has left… in himself.



  • Casualties of War


    When winter strikes its first blow, John -- Jamie's newest recruit -- has to save a snowplow stuck in the grip of an icy river. While Jamie pushes further into new territory, changes rock the company - forcing Colin to take on a new role. His first wreck of the season tests his skill on the rotator… plus his skills as a leader. And the entire community says farewell to a Heavy Rescue legend.

  • Saved on Preachers Corner


    Jamie's new BC crew struggles with a badly mangled trailer on a dangerous blind corner. When Colin slips up on a big recovery in Alberta, Jamie's brother has to take over the job - even though he's a rookie on the rotator. Brandon steps up to a new role in Heavy Rescue.

  • War Zone


    When a lumber truck and diesel tanker collide the flaming wreckage becomes the biggest recovery of Colin's career. As snowstorms pummel the Coquihalla, Al Quiring heads up the hill, ready for battle. In freezing rain, John faces off against a mangled tractor and becomes a mentor in the process.

  • Holidays Thru Hell


    Two days before Christmas a semi plows off a bridge, leaving a trailer and three RVs dangling over a raging river. It's up to John, Jamie's new BC driver, to get holiday traffic moving and prove himself on a multi part recovery that's unlike anything they've faced in the past. Al Quiring and Gord Boyd battle through a stormy night to keep the Coquihalla Highway open for the holidays.

  • Wreck Recover Repeat


    Al Quiring is in a high-pressure race to recover a split open trailer and open the TransCanada before the morning rush. Jamie Davis is running a race of his own when a semi carrying an important load of pharmaceuticals plunges down a bank. Jordie from Mission Towing faces a semi on the verge of splitting in half. And, in Alberta, the burdens of running the shop solo take a toll on Colin.

  • Ice Storm


    A freak downpour of freezing rain covers Hope and the Coq in a thick layer of ice, cutting off communication and crippling Jamie's operations. Battling the conditions, Ken Monkhouse heads to a job up a remote, ice-covered hill… and re-lives the worst day of his life. A good friend of Jamie's is called into action when two semis collide head on - leaving wreckage scattered across the TransCanada Highway and a cross-country rail line.

  • You Can’t Argue with Gravity


    Al and Gord from Quiring Towing work to rescue a loaded semi that's teetering on the edge of a 300-foot drop. When a new client needs Colin's help, he faces a white-knuckle drive on a remote Alberta back road. Jamie tests out a new driver, who might be in over his head. And John and Brandon try to save an injured owl, trapped on the highway.

  • My Purpose is to Protect


    When Jamie and Jason Davis Heavy Recovery crews team up for a massive wreck, a close call forces Brandon to reconsider his future in the business. In Alberta, attempts to straighten out a jackknifed truck get twisted in unexpected directions. And the newest member of the Jamie Davis team puts his life on the line, facing down a speeding semi on an icy road.

  • A Moment’s Notice


    Strategies collide when the Davis and Quiring families team up for a rare joint-recovery that has shut down the busiest highway in B.C. Up on the Coquihalla Highway, a big rig ends up in a nasty predicament when it is left teetering in a seemingly impossible position. And Mission Towing faces an overwhelming amount of work when they get an urgent call in the middle of a massive recovery.

  • Immovable Objects


    A simple job turns into an urgent puzzle when a flipped semi pulls Jamie back out on the road. Randy Jacknife faces one of the biggest - and heaviest - challenges of his career against an overturned truck trapped under its load of steel. And Jamie's niece Matia "borrows" her uncle's prized Boss Truck for an off-road adventure.

  • Nervous Wrecks


    Al and Gord are forced to gamble on the biggest job of their season that has the highway closed and both green wreckers pushed to the limits. In Alberta, Jamie's crew battles a whiteout to reach a massive chain reaction wreck. And back in BC, a wrecker is called to a river bank to help solve an underwater mystery that may be linked to a deadly crime.

  • Rear View


    As Jamie reaches a difficult crossroads, he looks back over four seasons - revisiting his most challenging wrecks and exciting recoveries. Familiar faces - from the past and present - explain what drives them to this dangerous world. Favourite drivers who have left Heavy Rescue check in with updates on their lives. And a look behind the cameras reveals how Highway thru Hell gets made.

  • Fork in the Road


    In the season finale, Jamie returns to the road, taking control of the rotator for the first time in months. But after a winter behind his desk, Jamie might be too rusty to avoid a disaster on the highway. As the winter winds down, an unexpected tragedy strikes Jordie and Mission Towing. And Jamie turns to his competition for advice about a major decision that will determine the future of Heavy Rescue.