Hitler's Last Stand




After the surprise of the D-Day landings, Nazi loyalists fight to keep a ruthless grip on the towns, strongholds and fortresses of occupied Europe.



  • Resistance Revenge


    July 1944: After a brazen provocation, Nazi leadership dispatches 10,000 troops to eastern France to crush a rebellion by French resistance fighters.

  • Artillery Showdown


    An artillery observer and his radio stand between the survival and capture of a US battalion during a German panzer attack to retake Avranches.

  • Fortress Fury


    A small group of US soldiers must capture Nazi Fort Koenigsmacker to silence its gun battery, armed with plastic explosives, grenades and gasoline.

  • Guard The Rhine


    February 1945. After most of his regiment is wiped out, a Canadian battalion administrator must assume command of a company and lead them into battle.

  • Forest Hell


    American soldiers risk everything to protect comrades from minefields and machine gun nests as they clear German defenses in the Hurtgen Forest.

  • Audie Murphy's Finest Hour


    When 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy runs out of bullets, he climbs on board a burning tank destroyer to fight on and become a Hollywood legend.