Hostile Planet




HOSTILE PLANET is a ground-breaking wildlife series that explores Earth's most hostile environments. Over the course of six episodes, we explore the extremes of deep, high, cold, hot, wet and dry and reveal the truly extraordinary ways in which animals have adapted to survive in the face of great adversity. It's always been a HOSTILE PLANET and yet, in the last 40 years, it's got a whole lot tougher for the wildlife. The world has changed more in the last 40 years than at any time in the last 65 million. So animals in the most hostile places on Earth must adapt in the blink of an evolutionary eye. Facing everything from intrinsically hostile habitats and brutally punishing weather to the unrelenting threat of predators and intense competition for resources, their challenge is simple: adapt or die.



Season 1
  • Jungles


    Plenty of water, warmth and light provide perfect conditions for life to thrive and make the jungles the most diverse lands on Earth. But make no mistake, this is no Eden - from Jaguars to Gibbons, Hummingbirds to Orangutans, meet the incredible animals to discover why their struggles for survival in this crowded and competitive world have never been tougher. As jungle seasons become more unpredictable only the toughest animals will triumph.

  • Grasslands


    Grasslands are some of the most volatile lands on the planet, where animals must endure a seasonal cycle of flood, famine, freeze and fire. We reveal the extraordinary challenges these animals must overcome, and how our changing world is making survival even tougher than before. From epic battles between wolves and bison, to nail biting showdowns between cheetahs and Thompson gazelle fauns, this is an epic tale of life and death in the planet's most dramatic wildernesses.

  • Polar


    Step inside the most frigid habitat known to Earth - the poles. Here, the planet's ultimate survivalists include whale-hunting polar bears, leopard-seal dodging penguins and a pack of Arctic wolves that bring down a pair of musk oxen. Polar species have evolved bodies and behaviours that help them combat the intense hostility of their habitats. But now, their world is changing so fast - literally breaking apart under their feet - and their resilience will be tested beyond the extreme.

  • Deserts


    The planet's hottest habitats - our deserts - are getting even hotter, drier and bigger, yet a host of remarkable animals still survive in the harshest conditions, including cunning hyenas, pint-sized meerkats and sand-dwelling spiders. Follow their lives through a single day in the desert to appreciate how they deal with the sun's formidable power as it grows stronger with every passing minute.

  • Oceans


    Delve beneath the surface of the largest habitat on Earth - our oceans - to uncover a world of extraordinary extremes from crushing depths to stormy coasts and vast blue deserts to crowded reefs. Oceans are dynamic environments where animals must adapt to life of constant change. Discover how seals fend off sharks; how turtles risk their lives to create their next generation; and how ingenious orca fight to survive in the face of ever-increasing competition.

  • Mountains


    The highest mountains on Earth are home to snow leopards, golden eagles, mountain goats, barnacle goslings and gelada monkeys. But only the toughest can endure the extreme weather, scarce food supplies and limited oxygen on these peaks. Showcasing never-before-filmed animal behaviour using new technology to capture fresh angles and scales, Hostile Planet provides unique access to one of the most extreme environments on the planet.