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Human Inferno


The world will end in a fiery blaze of glory. Dante predicted it. The Mayans gave it a date. Religions across the globe prepare for it. And feature films have made the visuals all too real. The new film Inferno pits fictional Professor Langdon against an evil mastermind who is beset on putting a plague amongst humanity.
As it premieres, National Geographic Channel mashes up several 'virus hunting' programs to give a grander concept of the plagues that have attempted to rid the world of humans, because in the real world, the threat of plagues has tormented humanity since the birth of time.
Viruses still keep the scientific community guessing. Archive programs from NG Studios on Virus Hunters & Microkillers: Superflu, will combine with original interview footage of National Geographic Emerging Explorer Pardis Sabeti, a computational biologist, to teach viewers what pandemics are currently being fought behind closed doors in science labs across the globe.
Living Inferno will examine how, on several occasions, life on earth has come close to an end and how the world constantly hunts to stop the next new outbreak before it happens.