Ice Road Rescue

Tuesday 20:00 CAT

Stuck in the truck!


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  1. Tuesday 26 September at 20:00 CAT

    Tipovers (Season 5)

  2. Wednesday 27 September at 01:10 CAT

    Tipovers (Season 5)

  3. Wednesday 27 September at 13:35 CAT

    Tipovers (Season 5)


This winter, the ice road heroes face freak weather conditions. A once in a lifetime storm and record breaking rain and snow throw up massive challenges.



  • Marathon Mission


    Thord and Bjoern are tested to the limits when they have to rescue a truck from falling into a lake.

  • Test of Mettle


    Thord and Bjoern battle one of Norway’s biggest storms in a decade, to rescue a truck loaded with steel girders.

  • Roadblock Emergency


    Bjoern is put under pressure when a head-on collision between two trucks blocks an ambulance on an emergency call-out.

  • Absolute Destruction


    Thord and Bjoern face the ultimate rescue challenge when a truck is destroyed after crashing 40 metres down a mountainside.

  • Blizzard Showdown


    When a mountain blizzard causes a double accident, Bjoern’s forced to call his rivals for help.

  • Triple Jeopardy


    Jo Roger’s rookies are put to the test with a triple rescue. But the mission gets off to a rocky start, when their most powerful truck gets stuck.

  • Winter's Payback


    Thord and Andrzej fall prey to the Norwegian winter, when the tables are turned and they end up in need of rescue.

  • Police Hold-Up


    Thord and Bjoern face a roadside stand-off with the police when they’re forced to stop a rescue in its tracks.