Ice Road Rescue


Season 3


”Ice Road Rescue” portrays a group of heroic tow truck rescue workers. When winter hits Norway the transport roads turn into treacherous bobsleigh tracks. Every day the rescuers fight to keep this routes open by rescuing heavy trailers stuck in the mountain terrain. Winter storms, avalanches and lack of daylight through the winter season are just some of the challenges they have to face, working close to the polar circle. Extreme winter conditions that often make them risk their lives. ”Ice Road Rescue” shows the ultimate man versus nature.



  • Forces of Nature


    Winter hits hard in cold Norway. Thord risks his life to keep the roads open while a winter storm strikes. Up in the north, Jo Roger and his son Ole Henrik are dealing with enormous amounts of snow.

  • Bad Day At The Gallows


    Thord has expanded his territory, and with new ground to cover comes new obstacles to cross. Up in the north, Jo Roger has handed over the responsibility for the company to his son, Ole Henrik. And when an egg truck is stuck in snow, Ole Henrik has a bad day at work, struggling with rescuing the 22 ton's truck.

  • Mountain Road Mania


    After expanding his territory, rescue-boss Thord meets new challenges he hasn't encountered before. Up in the North Ole Henrik and Roger has to rescue a post-delivery truck, that's tumble over down a ditch. A big rescue to get the mail delivery back on track.

  • Into The Night


    In Norway, close to the Arctic Circle, there is very little daylight during winter. But tow truck rescuers don't fear the dark. Only they can keep the roads open and accomplish an Ice Road Rescue, at all hours of the day.

  • Fishy Business


    In the far North of Norway, the brave two truck rescuers has one simple job that never ends: Keep a network of thousand of miles of roads open. 365 days a year.

  • In the Family


    Being an ice road tow trucker, you have to work around the clock. The only way to make time for family life is to make the workplace like home, and a place for both family and friends.

  • River Deep


    In the far North of Norway, a brigade of road rescuers fight every day to keep the roads open and safe, in winter. Damage control is a key factor. If they destroy anything during a rescue, they will have to pay the cost.

  • Mean Machine


    In the south of Norway, a 30-ton excavator has capsized into a deep ditch. It's a logistically complicated mission and Thord knows he will need his best men to accomplish this Ice Road Rescue.

  • Edge of Disaster


    In the south of Norway, a 40-ton snow plough has crashed through a safety barrier and rolled 20 meters down a bank onto a frozen lake. It's the biggest rescue boss Thord and his men tackle this season. After twelve hours working in the heavy snow, they finally manage to get the plough back on the road.