Ice Road Rescue

Tuesday 18 June 20:00 CAT

Stuck in the truck!


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    Crime Scene Rescue (Season 2)

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    Crime Scene Rescue (Season 2)


This winter, it’s game on as the ice road bosses lead their teams into battle, in a business where only the toughest survive.



  • Head Into Danger


    When a truck crashes into a snowbank in the mountains, Thord and rookie Terje must put their lives at risk to save its valuable cargo.

  • All-Nighter


    When a truck smashes into a crash barrier and tips over, Thord and Bjoern team up for an all-nighter to save a valuable cargo of fresh salmon.

  • Overload


    When theres chaos in the mountains and the emergency calls just keep coming, Thords running out of options.

  • River Alert


    Jo Roger and Ole Henrik struggle to rescue a trailer load of salt that threatens to pollute Norways biggest salmon river.

  • Road Closed!


    Jo Roger tries to save a brand-new harvester, but loses his temper when impatient drivers delay the rescue and endanger his crew.

  • Off-Road Roulette


    Racing to a rescue, rookie Terjes in big trouble when he crashes Thords tow-truck.

  • Narrow Escape


    When a runaway trailer threatens a main road, Thord risks getting crushed to complete a difficult rescue.

  • Sink or Swim


    On a steep hillside, high above the fjord, Bjoern risks everything to rescue a tractor that threatens to fall - and take him with it.