Ice Road Rescue


Season 4


Featruing the stories of the most dangerous recoveries, largest payloads and harrowing rescues featured in Ice Road Rescue.



  • Freak Weather


    The tow truck heroes get a new enemy: the extreme weather. Sudden changes in temperature give the Ice Road rescuers unforeseen challenges.

  • Let It Snow


    After a period of warm temperatures and few rescues, tow truck boss Thord heaves a sigh of relief when it starts snowing. In the snowstorm, a 20-ton transporter slides off the road, and a car falls into a deep ditch. Thord decides to rescue them both. He needs all the work he can get to keep his business going. On Bjorn's territory, a foreign driver is stuck on a mountain pass. He has failed to put tyre chains on, which makes Bjorn grumpy.

  • Chains of Chaos


    Disaster is often the consequence when international truck drivers try to manoeuver on the Norwegian winter roads. Boss Thord heads out to help one of them. The driver didn't manage to put the wheel chains on correctly, and got caught in a dangerous road bend. Bjorn, the lone wolf, is heading out to a similar situation. Bjorn gets angry when he realises the driver tried to drive up a hill without chains. It was reckless.

  • Toxic Cargo


    The Ice Road Rescuers are constantly thrown curve-balls. In the North, junior tow trucker Ole Henrik is sent by his father on a major solo mission. In the south, Thord heads out to rescue a carpenter's van, only to discover that he's come underprepared.

  • Fish Frenzy


    One of Norway's most significant exports is fish, and the freight traffic is a big earner for the ice road rescuers. In this episode, boss Thord needs to call his old friend Bjorn to get help. Together they head out to save a fish trailer in need. In the north, Jo Rodger and son have to bring heavy machinery to rescue a 40-ton fish trailer that has capsized.

  • In The Woods


    In this episode Thord rescues his old driving instructor, and Jo Roger heads out to help a truck stuck deep in the woods.

  • The Gallows


    A blizzard hits the mountains, and a driver gets caught in the storm. Despite the pain in his arm, Bjoern heads out to rescue him. In Thord's territory, the notorious hill called the Gallows has claimed a new victim. A foreign truck driver's vehicle is stuck and he needs Thord's help. The driver is inexperienced with Norwegian winter road conditions, which makes the rescue a risky affair.

  • Captain Chaos


    The Ice Road heroes have battled through a winter season with extreme and unpredictable weather, but Thord looks to the future and heads out to meet a competition company. He might want to buy their business and expand his kingdom further. On the trip he brings Bjoern, who has struggled through the winter with an arm injury. Thord might be a part of the solution for him. The winter season comes to an end, but is it just a new beginning?