Laoshan: China's Holy Mountain

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Laoshan: China's Holy Mountain


The story of China's largest coastal mountain, the mystical heart of Chinese culture.
The story of China's largest coastal mountain, a beautiful, historic, mystical spot where ancient religions and traditional culture meet and flourish.
Laoshan is China's largest coastal mountain. It is home to some of the earliest sites for the ancient religions, Taoism and Buddhism, and their temples flourish today. It's mystical, magical and beautiful, and it has always offered prosperity to its locals. It has attracted visitors, real and legendary, for thousands of years, and there is little that has happened in China's history that isn't somehow connected to Laoshan.


Season 1
  • The Mystic Mountain


    Laoshan is home to some of the oldest Taoist and Buddhist sites in China, with temples flourishing to this day. Other aspects of Chinese culture have also flourished, including unique martial arts and traditional music. The landscape is beautiful, sculpted by thousands of years of glaciation and the air of mystery around Laoshan is only increased by mysterious jade rocks that emerge from the sea.

  • The Bountiful Mountain


    The people of Laoshan are fortunate: good food, from fish to fruit to tea, is available to all. Plentiful fresh spring water fills its reservoirs, and has been bottled for over a century. But Laoshan also provides a good home and the right environment for people to become the best they can - whether calligraphers, story-tellers or even national heroes.