Lawless Oceans

Familiar face

Episode 1 - Season 1


“Lawless Oceans” follows Karsten von Hoesslin on a visceral journey as he spares no expense to solve the mystery of a murder at sea and immerse himself in the perilous world of maritime crime.



Season 1
  • The Crime


    "A video on You Tube shot from a fishing vessel shows men in the sea brutally gunned down and the crew celebrating. Karsten von Hoesslin is a PI. His beat: the lawless oceans. Hunting the killers will take him around the world, to confront pirates, people traffickers and drug smugglers. But in Taiwan his investigation gets off to a rocky start. In Fiji he encounters a web of mystery. And Karsten begins to wonder where this case is heading."

  • The Witness


    The investigation has a major breakthrough when a second video of the killings is discovered.

  • The Case


    In the Philippines, the investigation hots up as Karsten tracks down more witnesses and discovers that another ship was involved.

  • The Captain


    In Mombasa, Karsten reaches out to local contacts in a bid to unmask the identity of the man who commanded the shooter ship: Captain Hoodlum.

  • The Victims


    Will Karsten be able to identify the victims in the video? A cryptic clue leads him to Iran and a family with three missing sons.

  • The Endgame


    Karsten makes one last push to obtain further evidence to present to the authorities, but well-placed informants advise him against digging any further. Will the authorities take him seriously?