Life Below Zero: Port Protection Alaska

Monday 16:30 CAT

Mr. Gary Muehlberger


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  1. Monday 27 May at 08:35 CAT

    The End of the End (Season 2)

  2. Monday 27 May at 16:30 CAT

    The Cost of Paradise (Season 3)

  3. Tuesday 28 May at 03:35 CAT

    The Cost of Paradise (Season 3)


Port Protection is about people who have left behind normal society and chosen a different life in a remote Alaskan community.



  • The Perfect Bear


    As the community of Port Protection springs forward, Squibb and Troy join forces to repair a sinking float that could cause a massive oil spill.

  • Everything Eats Each Other


    When a massive sunken tree blocks the local waterway, Matt Carlson uses his boat and a rope to try to haul the stump to safety. Curly targets a bear.

  • Sink House


    Curly and Mary try for crab. Sam and his sons go fishing. Troy helps Oliver and Breanna lift their house. Carl and Morgan teach Veronica to survive.

  • Loading for Bear


    When one of the town’s only phone lines to the outside world goes down, village newcomer Veronica Arrants steps up to prove she’s got what it takes.

  • Uphill Battle


    Residents of Port Protection join forces to move a thousand-pound sawmill to Carl and Morgan’s property.

  • Deadwood


    Veronica tries to fell a tree. Sam and Squibb set nets for sockeye. Oliver builds a rainwater catchment system. Carl and Morgan install a garden.

  • Alaskan Gothic


    With fishing season underway, Sam and Matt race to fix an old boat for Matt’s first fishing trip as captain. Carl and Morgan target valuable salmon.

  • A Run at the Kings


    With some neighborly help from David Squibb, Tim “Curly” Leech finally tears out the death trap decking waiting just outside his front door.

  • It Gets Shallow Fast


    With winter on its way, Sam and Squibb band together to build Curly a hoist but struggle to lift a massive piece of steel into place.

  • Treasure & Hunters


    Sam and Troy embark on a treasure dive. Mary stalks a buck. Curly sets a skate for big fish. Oliver quests for firewood.

  • Apex Predator


    Residents race to complete projects before winter. Curly constructs a duck blind. Oliver and Breanna try to load up on crab.

  • Wolfpack


    Tim “Curly” Leach may have bitten off more than he can chew as a pack of wolves turn a routine duck hunt into a potential bid for survival.

  • The Huntress and the Greenhorn


    Breanna puts her lifetime of hunting experience to the test on a solo mission for deer but encounters some unsettling signs.

  • Grandpa's Pot


    Breanna and Oliver drop pots for shrimp. Sam and Curly help each other out and look for salmon. Squibb and Matt make major upgrades.

  • Last Flat Day


    Residents spend time and energy to get results before winter. Matt and Carl get ready for an epic journey. Oliver chases after deer.

  • This Must Be The Place


    With the help of neighbors Carl and Morgan, novice crabber Matt Carlson breaks in his new boat in an iceberg minefield.