Live Free Or Die


Episode 1 - Season 3


We follow 5 members of a remote but growing subculture living in the backwoods, deserts and mountains across the US without the conveniences of modern society. Freed from the constraints of a technology-fueled existence, they rely only on their skill and intuition to harness the natural environment.



  • Live Free Or Die: Tony & Amelia, 1


    Homesteaders Tony and Amelia live a rustic existence in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Their stubborn track of land provides many challenges, but these two persevere with their unique bond and grit.

  • Live Free Or Die: Thorn, 1


    Woodsman Thorn lives a primitive existence in the mountains of North Carolina. After a rainy season floods his shelter, he looks to build a more permanent structure. The struggle to build using only handmade tools, while also maintaining enough food to survive, proves a constant struggle.

  • Live Free Or Die: Colbert, 1


    Frontiersman Colbert lives a rustic existence in the swamps of Georgia. After a devastating fire leaves him homeless, he looks to rebuild despite the odds. He'll rely on longtime friends and good old-fashioned grit and know-how to make a new life in the place he calls home

  • Call of The Wild


    Colbert is preparing for several months of bitter winter ahead of him. Matt returns to his pit house in southern Utah to assess his resources. Thorn adjust to his new life with his partner.

  • The Hunt Is On


    With deer hunting season coming to a close, the re-wilders must use their skill to find sustenance. But Tony has never been deer hunting and doesn't have the time to hone his methods.

  • The Tough Get Going


    Colbert relies on his trapping skills to provide furs to sell. Thorn tries pig hunting after a failed deer hunting season. Matt sets out with his new bow and arrow in search of small game.

  • Race Against Time


    Tony and Amelia begin construction on a solar dehydrator to preserve their deer meat. Matt leaves his pit house due to lack of resources. Colbert heads to his friends' quail plantation to help with their coyote problem.

  • To The Bone


    Matt works quickly to build a shelter and hopes his deadfall traps catch squirrel. Colbert travels to sell his pelts at top dollar so he can pay his property taxes. Tony and Amelia build a hot tub.

  • Making Moves


    Colbert sets up a trotline to catch fish and builds a cabin to fight off mosquitoes. Matt settles into a new canyon full of diverse plant life, but protein is scarce. Tony and Amelia begin building a windmill for electricity.

  • Bring It Home


    Thorn goes on a hunt hoping to provide protein that Delia and he need to survive. Tony and Amelia attempt to sell goods at market in town. Colbert faces rising waters that put his new cabin construction at risk.

  • Home Stretch


    Tony and Amelia struggle to maintain unruly pigs. Matt invites old friends over for a turkey roast, and Colbert enlists the help of two friends to help him finish his cabin in time for spring.