Live Free Or DieSunday 08:40 CAT


Episode 1 - Season 3

In the cold swamps of Georgia, Colbert is facing several months of bitter winter ahead of him. He realizes his window for getting meat is quickly closing and a winter struggling for protein would be excruciating, especially for the aging frontiersman. In a remote spot in southern Utah, Matt returns home to his pit house to discover the land has changed. He needs to check his resources and assess if hell have enough to survive through the colder, less fruitful months. He has to move quickly to assess if a reliable source of water remains; if not, he might need to consider relocating before the weather turns. In the Blue Ridge after years of back breaking work, Tony and Amelia have created a prosperous garden on their hillside, their personal garden of eden. But the hard work isnt over quite yet. Constantly hauling mulch up their hillside is taking its toll, so they craft an idea: a pulley system to carry the mulch for half the effort. But their DIY version requires getting high up in the trees for installation, much to Amelias dismay. In a bus in the woods of Georgia, Thorn is adjusting to his new life. Hes left the familiarity and primal lifestyle in the Blue Ridge Mountains to move in with his partner, Delia. But he doesnt have much time to settle in as Thorn has to rely on his outdoorsman skills in order to have meat for the winter. But before that, he must first create a reliable source of water. This seemingly simple task is nearly impossible for Thorn without the resources he once had and his familiar land in the Blue Ridge.


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