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  1. Sunday 1 March at 23:40 CAT

    Inside Maximum Security (Season 1)

  2. Monday 2 March at 23:40 CAT

    Predators Behind Bars (Season 1)

  3. Tuesday 3 March at 23:25 CAT

    Gangland (Season 1)


National Geographic Television's critically acclaimed "Lockdown" series takes viewers behind bars to capture the drama and tension of prison life in America with eye-opening stories of the officers and the inmates who spend every day under lock and key.


  • Surviving Stateville


    Built in 1925 and aging badly, Stateville Correctional is a dangerous place filled with dangerous men, nearly all serving 20 years minimum.

  • Inmate To Ex-Con


    Prison is hard, but getting out can be even harder. Most inmates leave with less than $200, needing a job and a bed before the cash runs out.

  • Women On The Edge - Detroit


    A new scheme working exclusively with drug-addicted prostitutes aims to help those who turned to crime as a result of their traumatic childhoods.

  • Kids Behind Bars


    Colorado's Youthful Offender System aims to break down criminal habits and gang mentalities, from first-time convicts to street-savvy veterans.

  • Alaska Bush Troopers


    Prison testimonies and in-depth interviews with hardened guards bring you a taste of life in some of the most brutal jails in the United States.

  • Sex Offenders


    Prisoner testimonies and interviews with hardened guards give you a taste of life in some of the most brutal jails in the United States.

  • Most Dangerous Women


    Prisoner testimonies tell the tale of life behind bars in Maryland's only women prison, Jessop's MCIW, which houses a range of dangerous felons.