Lost Cities With Albert Lin




Lost Cities combines hi-tech archaeology, breath-taking visuals and genuine exploration to make headline-grabbing discoveries. Lost Cities brings adventure, science and archaeology together through our host Albert Lin. Our ambitious approach applies 3D scanning to some of the most extraordinary sites of antiquity. This series will deliver powerful, emotional stories with hi-tech imagery to bring the mysteries of the past vividly to life.


Season 1
  • Fortress of The Knights Templar


    National Geographic explorer and scientist Albert Lin travels to Acre, Israel, in search of the lost fortunes of the mysterious Knights Templar.

  • El Dorado City of Gold


    National Geographic explorer and scientist Albert Lin travels to Colombia, South America, to find out the truth behind the legends of El Dorado.

  • Ghost City of The Pacific


    National Geographic explorer and scientist Albert Lin travels to Micronesia, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, to uncover the ancient island city of Nan Madol. Exploring the tombs, temples and ritual sites, all built upon man-made islands now shrouded by centuries of jungle growth, Albert discovers not just a city, but an entire ocean continent spanning thousands of miles.

  • Petra's Hidden Origins


    National Geographic Explorer Albert Lin travels to Petra, Jordan, to discover the origins of the famous city. He finds out that it was built by the Nabataeans, a mysterious civilisation who learnt how to survive in the desert. He tracks down evidence of their cities and temples, and reveals that the ancient city of Petra was part of a much bigger network than he ever imagined.

  • Inca Island In The Sky


    National Geographic Explorer Albert Lin travels to the mountains of Peru to discover the origins of its most famous site, Machu Picchu. Using LiDAR technology Albert finds proof of the people who came before the Inca, and treks high into the mountains to find their homes and ceremonial sites. Gathering the evidence, Albert reveals that the Inca city may have been inspired by another, even older civilisation.

  • Stonehenge


    For thousands of years before Stonehenge was built, the same area was inhabited by a mysterious, ancient people. Albert Lin goes on an epic adventure across England and Scandinavia to discover their secrets while a team of archaeologists uncover a unique stone structure that just might have been the reason Stonehenge was built.