There are men who have become myths, true icons of our time; but an icon, by definition, is surrounded by mystery, unattainable and indefinable. Maradona Confidential tells the story of Diego Armando Maradona, the greatest soccer player of all time. He’s a worldwide icon known not only for his skills with a soccer ball but also for being arrogant, direct and unaccustomed to following rules. A man with a divine talent but whom, most times, preferred to reign in hell.
The show will delve into the most controversial and fascinating years of his career; told through the words of those closest to him as well as a rich collection of repertoire material.
Confidential is a journey into the most intimate and hidden layers of the mind of the most powerful, iconic, influential and infamous public figures of our time. Confidential interviewees are insiders ready to tell us an unpublished, human and detailed portrait of the protagonist..