Nazi Megastructures

Himmler SS



Nazi Megastructures follows a team of experts on a dark journey from the Arctic Circle to Southern Italy, from the Death Camps of Poland to the inside of Hitler's rolling HQ aboard his personal train, as they uncover a Nazi world that has been hidden for decades. Using drama reconstructions, carefully crafted CGI and rarely seen archive, each episode unravels the personal stories of the men who designed, built and operated Hitler's terrifying mega weapons.



  • Hitler's Death Trains


    The railways were the lifeblood of the Nazi empire. It was a vast network that spread Nazi ambition and control across Europe and beyond. The programme reveals Hitler's personal train, unseen bunkers, massive depots, railway weapons and record-breaking engines. It goes on to reveal the rail networks most sinister function and how Hitler and Himmler used the trains to mastermind the Final Solution.

  • Hitler's Italian Fortress


    From Monte Cassino to San Pietro and ultimately the defence of Rome, this is the amazing story of one of the toughest defensive structures that the Nazis ever conceived. The Allies thought an advance from the south would be a quick way to bring down the Nazis, but they were wrong. Hitler, determined to defend every inch of ground, ordered a series of defensive lines stretching across the entire Italian peninsula, stalling the Allies' advance into the Third Reich for almost two years.

  • Hitler's Luftwaffe


    The Luftwaffe, a revolutionary German air force, created from nothing and fast-tracked by Hitler to annihilate the enemy from the skies. From the factory where the deadly Heinkel HE111 bombers were mass-produced, to the Baltic and the ruins of the Luftwaffe's top-secret torpedo test facility to the most technologically advanced jet bomber of World War 2, Nazi Megastructures lifts the lid on Hitler's war from above.

  • Hitler's Propaganda Machine


    During the brutal Battle of Berlin in 1945, 100,000 German civilians fight to the death and 6,000 commit suicide. How did the Nazis motivate ordinary civilians to fight even when defeat was inevitable? The answer is propaganda, and in Dr Josef Goebbels, Adolf Hitler found a genius of mind-manipulation. This episode reveals the evidence left behind by the Nazi propaganda machine, monuments to the sinister but brilliant brain-washing of an entire nation.

  • Hitler's Arctic Fortress


    It's one of the most daring and bold operations of WW2: The Nazi's occupation and fortification of Norway. Hitler demands breath-taking defences along the country's 1500 mile coastline to prevent an Allied invasion. It includes some of the biggest gun batteries of the entire war. Norway is an Arctic frontline from which the Nazis can attack the Soviet Union, but it also offers Hitler the possible means to make an atomic bomb.