No Man Left Behind

Kosovo: Stealth Bomber Down



Stranded in enemy territory.
Hunted by hostile forces.
And yet they made it back home.
This visceral new series tells the stories of some of the real life war heroes who walk among us. Haunting actuality filming of their lives today is fused with gripping personal testimony and high-octane dramatizations of their astonishing acts of valor.
To be trapped behind enemy lines is every soldier's worst nightmare: a situation they all train for, few experience and even fewer survive. In each film, we witness how one person's contribution to the war effort becomes a pure battle for survival - for him and his comrades. This is modern warfare boiled down to the ground level fight for your brothers-in-arms. These are stories about loyalty, courage and overcoming incredible odds in some of the most hostile environments on earth.
With a focus on contemporary American stories there are pilots shot down in hostile territory, army units who strayed into the kill zone, and Special Forces on covert operations that spiral dramatically out of control. In all cases, our protagonists find themselves fighting for their lives - miles from safety. These aren't passive prisoners waiting to be saved. These are modern war heroes who take their survival into their own hands and go to extraordinary lengths to get out alive.



Season 1
  • The Real Black Hawk Down


    October 1993. Keni Thomas and Randy Ramaglia are among a squad of US Rangers and Delta Force who rope down from Black Hawk helicopters into the capital of war-ravaged Somalia. Their mission: to capture two top lieutenants of rebel leader Mohamed Aidid. But the daring raid goes disastrously wrong when Black Hawk Super 6-1 is shot down over the city. The ground troops are sent to secure the crash sites but they are outgunned and overrun, sustaining multiple casualties. When Super 6-4 pilot Mike Durant flies in to help, his Black hawk is shot down too. His crew dead, he is captured and held for 11 days. The infamous Battle of Mogadishu sees 18 Americans...

  • Memories of Hell


    It's June 1964 - the start of the Vietnam War. US Navy pilot Lt Charles Klusmann is flying an unarmed photo-reconnaissance mission over communist guerilla territory in neighboring Laos. His RF-8 Crusader is shot down by the enemy, ambushed and imprisoned by the Pathet Lao.

  • The One that Got Away


    January 1991, The Gulf War. Eight SAS commandos are dropped off 140 miles behind enemy lines in Iraq. Their mission is to spy on a main supply route carrying Saddam Hussein’s mobile SCUD missile launchers across the Iraq desert. But the mission goes disastrously wrong. Only one would escape the enemy and make it out of Iraq alive…

  • Stealth Bomber Down


    27 March 1999, The Kosovan War. As night falls over Yugoslavia, an F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber, with the call sign Vega 31. Two hours later, the target has been destroyed, but he is forced to eject after being hit by a Serb missile, pilot Dale Zelko is now falling towards enemy lines, it's only a matter of time before he's captured by the Serbs. A NATO rescue force must launch immediately to try and reach him first.

  • To Hell and Back


    April, 2008. Operation Commando Wrath - a mission to take out a high-ranking leader of The Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin, a terrorist group with links to the Taliban. Entrenched in a mountain fortress in the impenetrable Shok Valley of Afghanistan, the top-tier target is guarded by a hoard of highly-trained, heavily-armed fighters. No coalition troops have ever reached this hostile territory before. But before they can get close, they are lured in to a deadly trap.

  • Colombia Vice


    It's 1982 and the War on Drugs is in its bloodiest year. Two DEA agents are sent on an aerial reconnaissance mission to Colombia where violent cartels run the drug trade into Miami by fugitive drug trafficker Rene Benetiz at the head. In the dead of night they are kidnapped at gunpoint and taken to the jungle where Benetiz and a corrupt policeman shoot them multiple times, where separated and severely wounded they must both fight to get out of the jungle alive.