Origins Ep 5 Promo

Season 1

We travel back in time across the entire sweep of human history on a quest to discover the “ORIGIN” moments that that truly made us modern. These are the “Quantum Leaps”, or “Next Big Things”. No matter what point on the human timeline we connect with, be it 15,000 B.C, 1666 A.D, 1918, and yes, even today the men and women living in that moment truly believed that they were at the “Crown of Creation” – that they were the most technologically advanced, sophisticated creatures on the planet. And they were right. But then, something new happened......and that something new would change everything – for them – and for us. There has always been a Steve Jobs working, creating, innovating at any given time. We are embarking on an epic journey to discover them, witness their process of creation, and then place the products of their genius on the proper pedestal. Award-winning feature film directors create the dramatic reenactments, and leading Visual Artist John Boswell designs and executes the eye-popping montages – called “Symphonies” – that whisk us through history, Origins is a new kind of “time travel” adventure - a search for this the profoundly important “New.” And the surprising connections between these “Quantum Leaps” also play an important role in our exploration. Each of these “Next Big Things” have been identified in consultation with the world’s leading authors and scholars in their respective fields. They have never been asked precisely these questions before – so in many profound ways, ORIGINS represents a “Quantum Leap” of its own – as we are adding to, not just reinterpreting, how these scholars look at our world. It’s like a best-selling “Malcom Gladwell” book – work that throws down information that is simultaneously revelatory and strangely familiar. It is this kind of “Google Proof” factual connectivity that we are aiming for – and with our consultants, achieving. ORIGINS boldly goes where no franchise has gone before to put the past together in such a way that viewers can never look at their future the same way again.


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