On the great Barrier Reef, Dr Emma Camp reveals how a coral nursery and corals living in extreme conditions are offering hope for vulnerable reefs around the world. In Antarctica, Professor Michel André is deploying pioneering new technology to listen live to ocean noise helping to protect this pristine ocean from the threat of noise pollution. Elsewhere the treat of extinction is being tackled with passion and tenacity. In Peru Dr Kerstin Forsberg is harnessing the power of education to save Manta Rays, while in Western Australia Dr Brad Norman uses sophisticated electronic tagging to protect Whale Sharks. In the depths of Patagonian Fjords Dr Vreni Häussermann has been working tirelessly to document hidden species before they are lost, using mini submersibles to go further and deeper than ever before. As Sylvia has taught us, new technology is crucial if we are to succeed and in French Polynesia Engineer Ghislain Bardout has developed a remarkable new underwater habitat which enables scientists to stay underwater for days at a time, offering scientists throughout the world a vital new tool helping them to understand and protect the ocean. Saving the ocean is a battle on many fronts and this powerful network of marine scientists shows how with passion and commitment anything is possible.