Primal Survivor

The hunting rituals of the Mentawai

Season 2


Hazen Audel, survival instructor and wilderness guide, is travelling to some of the most extreme places on the planet to take on solo challenges that will push him to the limit of his knowledge, endurance and skills. To succeed, he will rely on the ancient techniques of indigenous people who have lived in these environments for thousands of years. In adventures that will take him to the parched sands of the Austrlian desert, the storm-ridden waters of the West Pacific, and the barren freezing wastes of North East Canada, Hazen will be pushed to the limit by his environment and answer the killer question - how does anyone survive here?



  • Killer Seas


    In the seething waters of a remote volcanic island of Pongso No Tao, Hazen sets out on an epic ocean journey in a tiny traditional wooden boat called a tatala. Following in the wake of the remarkable Tao people who fish these inhospitable waters, Hazen braves treacherous tropical seas on a quest to reach the deep water where ocean giants feed, there to catch a prized big fish and prove his manhood.

  • Outback Inferno


    Hazen Audel ventures into the unforgiving and sun-ravaged Australian outback in search of a hidden freshwater oasis. On this epic endurance challenge, our determined survivalist will face blistering heat and some of the most deadly creatures in the world, in a land with almost no water. But armed with the skills and weapons of the region's Aboriginal people, Hazen will see if he has what it takes to unlock the secrets of the desert and survive this desert inferno.

  • Hostile Canyon


    In the deepest canyon in North America Hazen Audel takes on a deadly solo run. He must navigate mountainous terrain and plunging chasms with just the traditional sandals of the Raramuri for protection. Venomous animals, sheer cliffs and soaring temperatures stand between Hazen and his journey's end in the valley below,.

  • Deadly Desert


    Hazen Audel embarks on a gruelling trek through the deserts of Northern Namibia and delivers a sacred gift to a tribe who live in the barren dunes. He'll be pushed to the edge of endurance by blistering heat and virtually no water surrounded by some of the deadliest animals in Africa. Armed with the unique survival skills of the striking Himba tribe, Hazen will see if he's got what it takes to survive the deadly desert.

  • Jungle Sacrifice


    Hazen Audel takes on a challenging trek through the remote jungles of Siberut Island, Indonesia. Negotiating deadly snakes and monsoon rains, he'll join an elite band of tribal hunters and stalk a wild pig required for a spiritualistic house building ceremony. His success depends on the ancient survival knowledge of the shamanistic Mentawai tribe and Hazen will be pushed to the edge of his strength and skill in this jungle sacrifice.

  • Killer Blizzard


    Hazen Audel is on a gruelling mission through the deadly frozen wilds of Northern Canada, on a search for a herd of migratory caribou. In one of his most challenging missions ever, he faces lethal temperatures way below zero, howling blizzards and treacherous icy river crossings in a land roamed by packs of wolves. Pushed to the limits of human endurance, he must rely on the skills of the James Bay Cree to survive on this punishing journey.

  • Most Extreme


    Hazen Audel takes us behind the scenes of Primal Survivor. He shows us how the series is filmed in some of the most extreme locations in the world, tells of some of the incidents he and the film crew have had to endure to bring the incredible footage to your screens, and he reveals more about the extraordinary lives of tribes he visits.