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Another season that delves right into the heart of the worlds greatest taboos, some of which include extreme collections, disgusting jobs, weird weddings and fetishes.


  • Extreme Collectors


    Throughout history people have expressed their passions and their personalities through their collections. But some collectors passions cross the line into obsession. In London, Viktor Wynd fills his home with eccentric arrays of objects ranging from tiny human baby skeletons to shrunken heads. Calling them his children, Viktor is known to kiss them affectionately and converse with them. In the Philippines, Herbert Chavez is the self-proclaimed Filipino Superman, a longtime collector of Superman paraphernalia who, in the last 15 years, has undergone a series of cosmetic surgeries to resemble his super hero. Utah resident Jim Dix has turned his...

  • Fetishes


    Human beings have a natural desire to pair bond, to find a mate. But not all matches are made from one mold

  • Ugly


    Who decides who is beautiful and who is not? Apparently, we all do. Standards of beauty differ across cultures, but it seems human beings may possess an innate preference for symmetrical faces. But imagine living without a face. In Texas, an electrical accident leaves Dallas Wiens face grossly disfigured, and doctors attempt the first full facial transplant ever in the U.S.

  • Nasty Jobs


    The grimy, nasty filth nobody wants to be around is an everyday sight for these dirty job cleaners. In Minneapolis, a team of heavy-duty house cleaners tackles a truly filthy, foreclosed house. One of the most disgusting basements youll ever seethe laundry is full of cat feces, an appalling fridge freezer, and a backed-up toilet that would test even the strongest stomach. In Guatemala City, a group of men and women known as trash miners spend their working days trawling through a putrid black river, searching for saleable metals. In New York, microbiologist Dwight Bowman devotes his life to ridding the world of parasites.

  • Strange Passions


    Love isnt always about romance and roses."Baba" Dez Nichols describes himself as a sexual healer. On a secluded New Zealand island, he leads an interactiveworkshopwhere participants are encouraged to share each others bodies, all in the name of enlightenment. In Arkansas, piano teacher Dave is a loonera person who has a fetish for balloons. Hes collected 65,000 of them.

  • Weird Weddings


    Marriage is as old as civilisation, but today, some weddings turn their back on tradition. In Jamaica, nine couples tie the knot au naturale. While in California, the bride and groom are dressed, but its even more bizarre - theyre dogs

  • Changing Gender


    They are a happily married couple. Yet, all is not what it seems. When they met and fell in love, Ashley was a man...and Tony was a woman. Chris Tina Bruce calls herself a hybrid...neither male nor female. Call her Gender X or Gender Fuzzy, she is part of a gender revolution. Hes athletic, masculine and would give most male models a run for their money. Balian Buschbaum is all man...except for one thing. He used to be a woman.

  • Extreme Bodies


    Many in the West practice body modification to some degree whether its ear-piercing or breast implants. But when people go to extremes with body modification, they provoke fear and disbelief. Take for example, the worlds most pierced woman, Elaine Davidson with her 8000+ piercings; Mary Jose Cristerna, with horn implants, pointed teeth, body tattoos; pumped up female bodybuilders, worshipped by some men for their strength and physique; and Japans adventurous bagelheads, having saline injected into their foreheads for a temporary mutant thrill.

  • Devils And Demons


    Many cultures around the world believe evil can manifest in demonic spirits that enter a persons body. For some who believe, the only solution is an exorcism. In Phoenix, Arizona, a battle for the souls of those said to be possessed is being waged, not by priests, but by five teenage girls.

  • Strange Syndromes


    A woman eats mountains of junk food but cant put on weight. A young mans body is huge on one side and skinny on the other. Their looks and behavior seem bizarre to many and some treat them as taboo.

  • Old Enough?


    Most people in the West share certain common perceptions about what childhood should be like: A child should be free to play, to explore, and to make mistakes. But sometimes childhood is complicated. In small town America, a teenage girl makes a decision that has irreversible consequences - she wants to become a man. In India, a young boy is destined for a trade that is both dangerous and illegal - snake charming. In Greece, the legal age for driving a car is 16, but 9-year-old Stavros Grillis has been at the wheel of high-performance race cars since he was 5. Young girls are sometimes labelled little princesses, but in Nepal, some girls are worshipped...

  • Weird Collections


    Collecting can be a harmless hobby, or it can become an obsession. In this episode we look at extreme collectors: people that collect such vast quantities of unusual things that it impacts their lives, their relationships and their livelihood. Take the Las Vegas retired neurosurgeon whos spent over 30 years filling two houses and a huge back yard with a weird mix of unusual items.

  • Bizarre Burials


    Death comes inevitably to us all. How societies celebrate their loved ones passing varies dramatically from place to place. In Gurgaon, India a 82-year-old nun voluntarily fasts to the death in a religious ritual, attended by her children; a Taiwanese man honors his dead father with exotic dancers gyrating at the graveside; an octogenarian in San Francisco lives with death every day amongst his vast collections of skeletal remains; and in Stockton, Alabama, a widow remembers her husband with a patriotic gun salute using bullets loaded with his ashes.