The Border

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Working around the clock at one of the United States’ busiest border crossings, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers and agents are at the front lines in America’s war against narco-trafficking, illegal immigration and terrorism. Covering a 2,800-square kilometre battleground of unforgiving desert in a rugged and remote frontier, the CBP officers and agents handle everything from uncovering a high-level tunnel leading straight into downtown to engaging in a confrontation with drug cartel foot soldiers in the dead of night to seizing over U.S. $1.5 million in heroin. The Border goes on patrol around Nogales, Arizona, on the U.S.-Mexico border, as a Black Hawk helicopter team rescue illegal immigrants abandoned by their guides in the desert, ground agents encounter night-time gun fire, and officers dismantle vehicles in search of hidden compartments filled with drugs.



  • War On The Streets


    Separated from Mexico by just the Rio Grande River, South Texas must secure its border for the safety of Americans across the country. In 2011, over two million pounds of marijuana were confiscated within the Southwest Border Sector, and over 300,000 humans were apprehended trying to cross illegally. The ascendance of ruthless drug cartels in Mexico and their battle over smuggling routes has upped the stakes for both drug traffickers and illegal immigrants attempting to cross into the United States. And the war isn't just on the Mexican side anymore. Violence has spilled onto the streets of some U.S. border towns. Neither Border Patrol nor local...

  • Traffic


    In this episode of Border Wars, a Customs and Border Protection helicopter and Border Patrol river boat assist agents on the ground as they pursue suspected drug mules running through the dense brush, in an action-packed chase along the Rio Grande. A few miles east in the border town of Mission, Texas, local police raid a suspected drug stash house holding $2 million dollars worth of marijuana, and receive an unexpected surprise when suspected home invaders show up on the scene.

  • Cash And Corruption


    This episode of Border Wars explores Money and Corruption - speaking truths of an America few have seen in the Rio Grand Valley, a 43,000 square mile area of South Texas. We see how money has become something of a drug - corrupting people's lives, luring them into believing in its broken promises. The show begins at the Brownsville Port of Entry where Customs and Border Protection officers find $610,000 of cartel money in the spare tire of a truck. The driver now faces jail time.

  • War Games


    Every day, U.S. law enforcement uses clever tactics against the smuggling operations that transport illegal goods over the border into the United States… and the smugglers fight back with their own tricks. Agents, scouts, surveillance, decoys and espionage make up this epic never-ending chess match with human lives and millions of dollars on the line with every move.

  • Smuggler's Stash


    In this episode of Border Wars, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and local law enforcement know that drugs, humans, weapons, and money could be stashed anywhere , by anyone , at any time in South Texas. Throughout the region, smugglers and traffickers use clever tactics to hide, store, and transport illegal contraband , while agents and officers protecting the border and nearby communities, are determined to find the stashes before they disappear.

  • Special Ops


    In this episode of Border Wars we meet specially trained agents and officers equipped to combat the border problems that prevail in South Texas. The U.S. Border Patrol RIIP team adjusts their tactics and hours to foil the current smuggling trends. And San Juan PD SWAT uses their tactical expertise to take down a suspected drug dealer without endangering the surrounding community. These teams and units are highly selective, and these agents and officers are the best of best.

  • Animals On The Frontline


    In this episode of Border Wars, we see law enforcement animals in action. We follow agents and their animal partners as they work tirelessly for Border Patrol and border town police departments, proving that the men and women working to protect the border couldn't be as effective without the help of these animals in action.

  • Rio Grande Rookies


    Every day the Mexican drug cartels recruit traffickers into the smuggling business. To defend the border and protect the border towns in south Texas, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and local law enforcement recruit and train the best and brightest men and women they can find. In this episode of Border Wars, the rookies of Border Patrol are on the front lines, learning the ropes from veteran agents and officers, and discovering if they have what it takes.

  • The War Comes Home


    In South Texas, border-related violence is never far away. For the people who live here, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the action, and the lure of easy money can turn ordinary citizens into criminals. Experience the action along the Rio Grande River as Border Patrol and local law enforcement agencies try and stop drug dealers, smugglers, and undocumented immigrants from infiltrating residential neighborhoods, while also trying to keep innocent bystanders from getting involved.

  • 24-Hour Watch


    The action on the border runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether handling drugs or shuttling illegal immigrants across the border, the smugglers never rest. So it's critical that the men and women in law enforcement stay prepared, alert, and ready to go at the drop of a hat. In this episode, we follow Border Patrol Agents and local law enforcement as they work around the clock to stop trafficking across the US border.