The Hot Zone


Season 2


Just after 9/11, the U.S. was rocked by another deadly act of terrorism when letters containing anthrax were sent to unsuspecting victims. The anonymous assault claimed five lives and caused panic throughout the country. Despite inter-agency turf wars and several false leads, FBI investigators closed in on a shocking prime suspect: a scientist embedded in the top-security USAMRIID lab with unfettered access to the world’s most deadly pathogens.


  • Noble Eagle


    In Boca Raton, Florida, a man mysteriously falls ill and dies. Special Agent Matthew Ryker suspects something more sinister - an anthrax attack via our mail. As more people turn up infected, he and his team begin to track down the killer. Meanwhile, microbiologist Bruce Ivins has his own theories as to who’s responsible and will go to great lengths to ensure justice is served.

  • Hell's Chimney


    Another positive case: this time at 30 Rock, as NBC’s Tom Brokaw finds his assistant has been infected via another letter. Ryker shares a tense exchange with the mayor of the city when he requests to shut down the building. At the same time, he faces pressure from his superiors to find a motive for the attacks. Bruce opens up to his therapist about his own growing suspicions of his coworkers.

  • Neither Rain nor Sleet...


    Capitol Hill shuts down after a senator’s intern opens up a letter filled with anthrax. Agent Dani Toretti arrives on the scene and has her own theory that the killer is a lone wolf. After a discovery that the attack may be more widespread than previously believed, Dani and Ryker investigate an outbreak at a mail facility. At USAMRIID, Bruce begins to wonder who he can really trust.

  • Dream Boldly, Live Fully


    Agent Moore tracks down the mailbox used to send the Anthrax letters as Ryker and Dani look to the postal inspector for help to locate where the killer purchased the envelopes. Meanwhile, the FBI learns more about Bruce Ivins’ past tendencies after an old colleague raises red flags in the microbiology community halfway across the country.

  • Stentor Roeselii


    As Ryker and Dani begin questioning Bruce’s coworkers, the national media and FBI shift their full attention to their new suspect, “Mr. Z.” After Bruce Ivins is subjected to a polygraph, Ryker’s team gets reassigned to new Amerithrax teams. But behind closed doors, Ryker, Dani and Moore have other plans to continue chasing their lead.

  • RMR-1029


    A search at a suspicious pond brings a twist to the case. Bruce is emotionally torn as the focus of the investigation continues to change course. With one suspect ruled out, Ryker and his team are aided by a scientific discovery. Meanwhile, Bruce finds himself unraveling as pressure mounts from the FBI.