The Long Road Home

Behind The Scenes

Season 1


The newly arrived men of the 1st Cavalry Division must launch a desperate rescue mission when one of their platoons is ambushed by thousands of enemy insurgents in the Sadr City slum of Baghdad. As CNN breaks the news stateside, the lives of the soldiers' families back in Fort Hood are thrown into chaos and uncertainty.



  • The Road To War


    As newly arrived American troops are settling in for their first wartime deployment to Sadr City, Baghdad, a platoon led by Lt. Shane Aguero is ambushed during a routine sanitation support mission to the city slums.

  • The Eye of The Storm


    Still under fire, Lt. Shane Aguero and his platoon take refuge in an Iraqi house and set up defensive positions. At Camp War Eagle, Volesky and Denomy launch a rescue mission to retake the city and free their men before it's too late. Rumors of an attack in Sadr City start circulating at Fort Hood. A tragedy strikes that threatens to tear the platoon apart.

  • Into The Unknown


    Denomy's mettle is tested when he leads the first rescue into Sadr City under heavy fire. Volesky launches the second convoy. Both take heavy casualties, while Aguero and his men struggle to hold their position in the Iraqi house. Meanwhile, at Fort Hood, Gina Denomy faces challenges of her own as one of the new leaders of the Family Readiness Group and the mother of a newborn child.

  • In The Valley of Death


    Miltenberger and his men get stranded in the city under increasingly dangerous conditions as night falls. Denomy and Volesky regroup for another rescue attempt while Aguero and his men brace for contact. News of the ambush reaches the Miltenbergers stateside. LeAnn and Gina try to reassure anguished families.

  • The Choice


    Interpreter Jassim al-Lani's troubled past is revealed and his allegiances are tested. Tensions rise in the alley house as the insurgents change tactics and force Aguero to make a decision that will scar his platoon forever. Back at Fort Hood, LeAnn and Gina learn about mounting casualties and prepare for the worst.

  • A City Called Heaven


    Tomas Young learns about the realities of war when Miltenberger's troop comes under fire. Casualties mount in the rear of the LMTV, as Denomy tries yet again to rescue the stranded platoon. Aguero's men reckon with the destruction. For Young, this moment marks the beginning of a lifelong struggle, with far-reaching consequences, through which he'll touch countless lives.

  • Abandon Hope


    With Aguero out of play and supply of ammunition fast diminishing, Bourquin struggles to signal helicopters in a desperate last-ditch effort to get located, culminating in a climactic final battle. At Fort Hood, the families are engaged in their own challenges as more news trickles in from Sadr City.

  • Always Dream of Me


    The climactic final chapter of the eight-part global scripted event series THE LONG ROAD HOME. The rescuers finally punch through to the stranded platoon, but the battle hasn't finished taking its toll, both in Sadr City and at Fort Hood. Eight hours and seven minutes after the first shots were fired, the men of the 1st Cavalry Division are reunited, and must cope with the new realities of the war that has just begun. The soldiers and families honor their fallen.