The Story of God with Morgan Freeman




In the greatly anticipated third season of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, the legendary Academy Award winner continues his groundbreaking adventure. Morgan travels to ancient religious sites and modern-day centers of spiritual meaning to participate in dazzling cultural spectacles and hear moving personal stories. He explores the ways different religions shape our lives and the underlying themes that our faiths have in common.



  • Gods Among Us


    Morgan Freeman delves into why many religious believers desire to see God in human form - and how that strengthens their faith. From a living Kumari Goddess in the mountains of Nepal, to the Crown of Thorns many Christians believe was worn by Jesus during the crucifixion, Morgan will discover that these tangible connections help people make sense of the divine.

  • Search For The Devil


    Morgan Freeman explores the role that the devil plays in various religions. From the ascetic monks in the Judean desert to the Buddhists of Nepal, he'll learn what purpose the figure of the devil serves. Is the devil a force of evil in the world that needs to be conquered? Or is it something that each one of us needs to conquer in our own heart?

  • Visions of God


    Does God speak to us through visions? Can science explain what we call divine inspiration? From indigenous vision quests to healing waters blessed by a Catholic saint, Morgan Freeman meets with people around the world who believe they have received a message from heaven in this latest chapter of the Story of God.

  • Deadly Sins


    Sin is a part of the human condition. But can we conquer it? Morgan Freeman travels the world, from California to Italy to Vietnam, to understand how different faiths think of and deal with sin. He'll learn about the bloody Medieval practice of self-flagellation, the mysterious Sin Eaters, and the Confucian view of sin. He'll also meet a man who is trying to atone for his years as an executioner.

  • Holy Laws


    Morgan Freeman explores why many religions have a set of holy laws, and how those laws shape the lives of their believers. From the most ancient intact copy of the Ten Commandments to the rules that shape Confucian societies, to the wisdom passed down through shamanic traditions, Morgan learns about what these various rules have in common.

  • Divine Secrets


    Morgan Freeman goes on a journey to explore why religions keep divine secrets. From a monastery in the mountains of Nepal, to an ancient secret place of worship under the streets of Rome, to a Vietnamese temple that combines the teaching of many faiths - he will try to discover if divine secrets bring people closer to God.