Trafficked With Mariana Van Zeller


Season 1


Journalist Mariana Van Zeller taps into her underworld contacts to embed in the world's most illicit smuggling pipelines - each episode, she puts safety on the line to follow one illegal and often dangerous black market pipeline, from its mysterious source to its final destination.



  • Black Market Organs


    Mariana van Zeller investigates one of the darkest and most elusive black markets in the world- the illicit trade in human organs.

  • LSD


    LSD is booming because of the growing faith in its healing power. Mariana hunts for the elusive chemists responsible for making the world's supply.

  • Ghost Guns


    Mariana is on a mission to expose how ghost guns untraceable firearms built from kits bought online are fueling violence across the country.

  • Cyber Pirates


    Mariana is on a mission to understand how personal and financial data is stolen and sold by a shadowy network of hackers and thieves.

  • MDMA


    Mariana investigates how the demand for MDMA here in the U.S. is threatening to turn the Netherlands into a narco state.

  • Gangs


    Violent crime is soaring in Los Angeles to levels not seen in 30 years. Mariana goes inside the Crips and the Bloods to understand why.

  • Terrorist Oil


    Mariana embarks on a journey from Africa to the Middle East to uncover how black-market oil is fueling terrorist groups around the world.

  • Crypto Scams


    Mariana embeds with a crew of cryptocurrency scammers who show her how they make millions of dollars in mere weeks.

  • Fight Clubs


    Mariana investigates underground fight clubs and the push to bring bare-knuckle fighting into the mainstream.

  • Black Market Babies


    Mariana investigates the global surrogacy market to understand how the dream of starting a family is fueling a babies-for-cash black market.