Watch this epic flying ray reunion

Season 1

This is the story of our Americas. From Alaska to Patagonia follow a great mountain spine that spans two continents. Born of fire, starved of water and beaten by two great oceans. Life here is an intense struggle with limitless opportunity. The Americas are a stage for some of the greatest spectacles on earth. From a group of grizzly bears hunting the shores of Alaska to sheep that ram their heads for dominance; from millions of flying desert predators to one of the most spectacular food chains on earth; from jaguars hunting caimans to spinning dolphins-the Americas are full of amazing surprises. Many of the animals are found only here and nowhere else, and they have to behave in incredible ways to survive against some of the most extreme conditions on our planet. UNTAMED AMERICAS: Mountains, Deserts, Coasts and Forests, features epic landscapes, extreme conditions and tough challenges for the creatures that live in them, which respond in unique ways to survive